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Sep 3, 2012 04:30 PM

Unusual Coffee-Based Drinks Around the World

Recently I was in Lithuania where the coffee chain Vero Cafe had a summer special called a Bumblebee. It was a large glass of cold Fanta Orange (orange soda) with a pump of caramel syrup and a shot of espresso. In the end I thought the flavours all just cancelled each other out- it was pretty bland for such a calorie bomb.

What other unusual coffee-based drinks have you seen?

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  1. Coffee liqueur and orange juice. It was pretty nice too. The guy who introduced me too it named it the liquid jaffa cake.

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    1. re: Musie

      Formula 44

      a relative- the husband of a distant cousin- made this every year.
      bottle of high octaine vodka
      fill same bottle with strong coffee add to vodka
      pour into large bowl
      1 large orange studded with cloves
      cover with cling wrap
      put in dark/cool place for 44 days/toss the orange
      ice in glass
      pour over ice-drink

        1. re: Musie

          Oh Musie, I thought it was absolutely awful.
          I'd never make it myself. Had to try it once though, blech.......

    2. Coffee brewed with sour plum juice (not mixed, but actually brewed).

      Sea Salt Coffee

      1. Has no one else tried Manhattan Special? New York's own brand of espresso flavored soda?

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            I've never tried Coke Blak. Manhattan Special was enough of a foray into carbonated espresso to know that I'm not a fan.

          1. Already been mentioned, but coffee soda, was too sweet for me.

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              Ah, Expressoda. My wife tried that, and WOW was it sweet. She never bought it again.

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                I put a couple cans of Costco tuna in a girlfriends work cubby because she is a fanatic about tuna and eats it everyday. I so enjoyed this gal that I wanted to put a silly smile on her face by giving her a nutty gift. she inturn put a bottle of coffee syrup from her home state of Rhode Island in my work cubby. I've never known what to do with it though, maybe now I need to add it to a sparkling water of some kind, maybe even an orange flavored fizzy water, I could create something yummy, who knows.