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Sep 3, 2012 04:02 PM

Best Montreal Restaurant For Lamb?

I was at Modavie a couple of years ago, it was very good. There are probably also a few Greek resto's that do lamb well, and maybe others. Suggestions? thx

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  1. I don't do lamb myself but my family raves about the lamb dishes at Khyber Pass.

    1. Jano's on the Main is good, too, if you go for Portuguese grilled chops.

      1. Kaza Maza is a good bet. I think their lamb is mostly braised. I had a stunning braised shank with sour cherries.

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          Yummy at Damas too.
          Panama also( but I think it's only available wknds?).

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            Panama's lamb is very good. I don't think it's only available on the weekends though (but I could be wrong). I know I've had it there on a Friday.

            1. re: chefjeannine

              Unique the lamb at Panama roasted on the spit. Avaiiable on weekends. Sold by the 1/2 pound. Mixed parts. Better to place your order ahead of time.

        2. The tandoori lamb tapa at Biarritz is pretty awesome - just like the rest of the menu.

          1. Some of the best lamb I had was at Campagnola in Lasalle (BYOB). I haven't been in awhile, but they have leg of lamb carved at your table on wednesdays (maybe call to verify). I've had their rack of lamb which was OK, but it doesn't compare to the carved leg - really good.

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              kind of disconcerting article by Europa chef today in jdemtl how some restaurants serve supposedly quebec lamb but subsitute new zealand product for higher profit, says there is no control over this kind thing in restos here, also noted how some quebec wines have contents from other countries and some quebec cheeses uses milk from other countries and labelling misleading. Thanks for lamb roast recommendations as I used to go to Greek resto for good lamb but they closed. I had heard Panama served good lamb on certain days.