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Sep 3, 2012 02:27 PM

dinner in newton- single diner

I will be at the Newton MArriott THursday night for a conference the following day and would prefer not to be limited to the hotel restaurant just because I will be dining alone. Need recommendations for nearby restaurants- I will have a car .I like ethnic, fusion, and otherrwise inventive food.

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  1. waltham is just up the road (you can take pretty norumbega(?) road next to the Marriot by the river or 95 into exit 26 and come up main street) - you'll find good inexpensive mexican (Tacqueria el amigo on Willow St off Moody), decent upscale tapas and drinks (Solea), very good Italian (Il Capriccio or La Campania), excellent Chinese/Taiwanese (Mulan) -

    1. French, but consider Lumiere.

      1. Agree with Moody Street in Waltham. Lots of choices. Here's a list although I think it's old. Do a web search on anything that looks interesting to you. For example Cafe on the Common I think is now an ice cream place.

        This list is Moody and Main Street as well.

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          Cafe on the Common is connected to Sebastian and Alexanders, which is the ice cream place. Both places close at 6 p.m. so aren't an option for an evening excursion.

        2. I recommend the bar at 51 Lincoln in Newton. I've enjoyed eating solo there. It was getting busy toward the end of my weeknight meal, but I think of that as a good thing for a solo trip. I'd classify the food as inventive, and put it on the expensive side.

          1. Why so fancy? Friendly atmosphere @ Dunn Gahrein's on Eliot St. in Newton or solid Italian food @ Fiorella's on North St. Even Paddy-O's in West Newton or Rice Valley on Washington St. in West Newton are good places to eat alone.

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              Obviously... I'm a fancy guy! Good suggestion on Dunn's. My father's office was just over the line from there in Needham and we used to grab lunch there all the time. Good shepherd's pie if I remember correctly (it's been 7 or 8 years since he moved). O'Hara's is another good suggestion. OP - these are Irish Pubs. O'Hara's gets very lively. Haven't been to Dunn's late enough to know, but assume the bar would fill up there as well.

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                I liked Dunn's too. But it does get noisy. Recently went on a Tuesday night and the place was hopping. Not the place if you're looking for a quiet meal but it's fun otherwise and the eggplant fries are awesome! They'll give you a sample if it's your first visit.