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Sep 3, 2012 01:41 PM

slaying the giant cucumbers

I mentioned on another thread that cucumber agua fresca is my favorite drink of this summer. I've had a crazy bumper crop of cucumbers in my garden and there's always those few that hid and grow to the size of a small child before I notice them. I discovered cucumber agua fresca as a means to use them up. The juice/sugar/lime combo of agua fresca is lovely on it's own, and also makes a good booze mixer.

Today I had the sangria light bulb go on. Here's my loose recipe:

Sangria Agua Fresca

2 parts dry white wine (I used Black Box pinot grigio)
1 part cucumber juice
1t. sugar or to taste
1T. citrus juice of your choice
a drizzle of St. Germain elderflower liquer (I think rosewater or orange blossom water would be nice, too)

Shake and serve over ice, topped off with sparkling water if you like and float with sliced fruit.

Perfect for afternoon cocktails on the patio.

note that some recipes for agua fresca call for peeling and seeding the cukes before pureeing. I find it's not necessary. Just cut them into chunks and puree, then strain. Bonus that this makes the color even prettier than peeling first.

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  1. Right there with you splatgirl.
    I also tried a combo of watermelon and cucumber juice and loved it even more.

    1. That sounds so interesting, I've never had cucumber agua fresca but I'm a fan of many other types.

      1. What a great idea! I know exactly what you mean about the "one that got away"...I used mine for a chilled cucumber, lemon, mint, yoghurt soup...worked very well but not nearly as sexy as your bevvy!

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        1. re: LJS

          I dunno, I think your soup idea sounds pretty dang sexy. Definitely keeping that in mind for the next round. Likewise the addition of watermelon. I thought of that and actually had half a melon in my fridge but I couldn't bear to sacrifice just eating it..


          This is a link to a tasty cucumber agua fresca I have made and enjoyed.