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Sep 3, 2012 01:02 PM

Anniversary dinner in Denver vicinity this Sunday night

We are going to a wedding in Aspen and will spend our own anniversary this Sunday in Denver/Boulder before flying home on Monday afternoon. Looking for a suitably romantic restaurant for a memorable dinner on Sunday night.. Mrs. C doesn't eat meat but does eat fish so someplace with good veg or fish options is a must. We'll have access to a car so anywhere within reasonable driving distance will work -- but it has to be worth driving to. Thanks for your help/rec's.

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  1. Contenders like Frasca, Mizuna, and Barolo Grill are all closed on Sundays. One of the best options is probably Rioja in Denver, as they could do a great tasting menu for you on request featuring veg/fish for Mrs. C. They always have a Vegetarian 4 Squares option on the dinner menu, so utilization of great vegetables in dishes with some zazz is not an afterthought. The Flagstaff House in Boulder is also open and there are plenty of swanky non-meat options on their menus. Black Cat in Boulder is romantic and also has great tasting menus available which could be customized.

    1. rlm's choices are good. L'Atelier in Boulder is another good option for romantic dining, and they have a lot of fish options on their menu.

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        I checked the websites and I thank you both for some great-looking suggestions, although Flagstaff House's prices and dress code are both a little scary. I will try to see if I can arrange a customized tasting menu at Rioja or the Black Cat, then take it from there. Thanks.

      2. For a taste of the real west, The Fort in Morrison which is about 30 mi S. of Boulder, is the best. They have salmon, trout and a vegetarian entree. Tell them you're celebrating and they'll give you a lovely private table. Go to . It's now run by Sam Arnold's daughter, Holly. He's the character who taught Julia Child to open champagne with a tomahawk.