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Sep 3, 2012 12:57 PM

American Cut by Marc Forgione

As a huge fan of Marc Forgione's Sunday Supper menu in the city, we decided to try American Cut before the Eagles concert at Revel last night.

All in all, from our experience, it is a great addition to Atlantic City .

We started with an addictive bread that was a play on an everything bagel, paired with vegetable butter. Almost like a foccacia in texture, it was a familiar flavor pairing that will resonate with the NJ/NY crowd.

The filet mignons' were spectacular and superlative worthy- perfectly seasoned and cooked to specification. On the other hand, my boneless ribeye was very tasty, although the middle was slightly chewier than I would prefer and the fried egg on top had cooked while resting on the steak, leaving the yolks solid and not runny.

(You can choose foie gras, chili lobster, bacon, and farm fresh eggs to top steak, while also being able to choose from the standard sauces as well)

Appetizer of Chili Lobster was actually pretty spicy, sitting in a chili lobster broth to be paired with some toasted brioche and plump lobster meat. Extremely flavorful (and the same rendition if I remember correctly as what has been served at his NYC outpost)

Housemade bacon with MF Steak House was tasty and flavorful. The steak sauce reminds me of Peter Lugers (although not quite as tasty) but with a bit too much sugar for my personal preference. Still, everyone agreed it was delicious and was taking turns dipping the brioche, alternating between the chili lobster sauce and the MF steak house.

A good side note - for those not in the mood for steak, I've had his version of Chicken Under a Brick in the past, and enjoyed it so much that I almost ordered it tonight.

As for sides, the Dry Aged Potatoes with bacon were absolutely delicious and a must try - may be the best steakhouse potatoes I've had. They also serve "potatoes robuchon" - modeled after the infamous silky, buttery potatoes served at L'Atlelier du Robuchon in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the special of brussel sprouts were nothing special, and were a small blip on an otherwise delicious meal.

Desserts were nothing memorable but there is always the warm chocolate cookie that is cooked to order that we've enjoyed at his other restaurant (hard to not enjoy a cookie right out of the oven)

We shared a bottle of 2005 R Lopez de Heredia, Vina Cubillo ($50) and some other Spanish wines by the glass. Wine Bottle list is particularly strong for Atlantic City.

In the end, is is the best steakhouse in Atlantic City? Having always preferred Bobby Flay's over Old Homestead, I believe this is a slight margin better than both, with a potential to be much better. Time will tell but judging by the crowd last night (including Charles Barkley !!) that packed the restaurant to capacity, it should be a great long term addition to the casino dining options. The steaks themselves, judging by the filets, are the best in AC, and the diversity of apps and sides are a breath of fresh air for those looking for something other than oysters and wedge salads (although ironically, gourmet new renditions of both, IIRC, are on the menu)

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  1. Great report. American Cut has become our new AC fav.

    Our second dinner at American Cut was even better than our first. Started with the excellent Hiramasa app then J and I shared the Tomahawk ribeye (superb, 28 day dry-aged prime) and a side of hen of the earth mushrooms. We enjoyed a bottle of merlot and a decanted brunello with our friends.

    The halibut en croute was a great alternative for the non carnivore in our group. She commented that it was as good as the same dish she recently enjoyed at Marc Forgione in NYC.

    Service on both occasions has been excellent. We've been well taken care of by everyone and it really adds to the enjoyment of dining here.

    Great energy in the room is fueled by an amped up soundtrack. If you're in AC looking for a sedate evening, best to dine elsewhere!

    Preferred seating for a party of 4 is one of the center tables with comfy leather club chairs.

    Look forward to dining here again.

    1. Was there the same evening - agree with everything in your review - I wanted to add two things

      The haramasa app was fantastic - a little gimmicky with the sichuan button served on a silver spoon to change your taste buds before diving into teh silky tuna - but the tuna and avacod combination in teh ginger sauce was quite compelling -

      Also the wine server was good - we were looking for a really nice 375ml and there frankly is none - but the depth of the full bottle list is very impressive - we ended up with a 2007 DR Stephen Moose Valley vineyard (275) that was drinking perfectly - even though there is not a very deep list of aged cellared wines

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        Yep, you are right about the wine list not having a lot of depth of older wines, but I would imagine that as the restaurant grows and continues, it will be able to add depth and age to some of its offerings

        1. re: gwh912

          Add me to the list of those thoroughly impressed (or better yet, blown away) by American Cut. I had the chance to dine there this past weekend and decided to go all out for my birthday dinner. As can be seen by the pictures posted in the gallery section of their website, the restaurant space is beautiful (think wood, leather and tile but with a modern spin) with the open kitchen occupying one end and the bar taking the other. We were seated in the center of the room which permitted me to take in the “action” of the entire restaurant. There was a definite buzz in the room and that combined with the rock music soundtrack made me feel that I was in the right place. Once seated, our table was introduced to our waiter who made us feel very comfortable and at home by advising that he would make sure we would have a most excellent experience that evening.

          With the blessing of our waiter, we started with the Hiramasa Tartare with Sechuan Button (flower), Avocado and Saratoga (potato) Chips, Wood-Fired Octopus with Romesco, the signature Chili Lobster with Texas Toast and the Steak Knife Wedge Salad with Black Pig Meat Co. Bacon and Maytag Blue Cheese. Of the appetizers, the most remarkable was the Hiramasa which required you to first eat the flower (which results in your tongue tingling) and then the tartare followed by the chip. It may seem like a gimmick, but the experience really worked as different flavors, temperatures and textures are experienced in each orchestrated bite. A close second for me was the Chili Lobster. I must caution however that the dish is not for everybody. In fact I was the only one at my table who enjoyed the heat/spiciness of the dish. Therefore, if you don’t like “spicy” I recommend you not try the dish. For me however, it was perfect. Not to be lost in the appetizer mix was the Wood Fired Octopus. For those of you who have experienced the Day Boat Octopus at Porta, you are sure to enjoy this dish as the octopus was prepared the same way and had a similar soft texture. That being said, the romesco and chilis added a completely different dimension to the dish making the AC version pop with flavor (as opposed to the more subdued lemon and butter version of Porta). While not a “throw away” to say the least, the Wedge Salad (comprising a half a head of iceberg lettuce covered with blue cheese and bacon) was good but otherwise not remarkable in light of the other offerings.

          Being that it was my birthday, I had to order Chef Forgione’s signature Tomahawk Ribeye Chop. I understand the steak is both the oldest aged (28 day dry) and the only prime offering of the house (from Pat Lafrieda in NYC). Although I must admit to hesitating a bit due to the $135 price tag, I would never choose to order anything else in the future. It was bar none the best steak I have ever eaten and was worth every penny. Cooked perfectly to my instructions (medium rare), the steak had a very nice crust and was seasoned appropriately. I could taste the “beefyness” of the aging in every bite. Along with the chop we ordered a few sides including the Potato Puree “Robuchon” (having had the original I can attest that it was an excellent rendition), Wood Fired Creamed Spinach and the Collard Greens (a tad on the sweet side but more than acceptable for my tastes). My dining companions were also very satisfied with their entrees with one enjoying the Hanger Steak with Chimichuri Sauce while the other had the Boneless Ribeye. Although stuffed at that point in our meal, we felt obliged to order some dessert including the following: Banana Split Ice Cream Cones (four miniature cones – a fun presentation but nothing special), “Coffee and Donuts” (house made sugar donuts with a cappuccino ice cream (?)), and the Peanut Butter Mousse with Salted Carmel Ice Cream (the winner of the bunch). When all was said and done and the dust cleared from the evening, I can safely say that this was one of the top 20 meals I’ve ever experienced and I can recommend the restaurant without any hesitation (maybe except one – the price, be prepared to spend a good amount of money). In closing I would like to acknowledge the advice of the wine steward who recommended a pinot noir that went perfectly with the meal. Good luck and enjoy.

          1. re: bgut1

            Fantastic report bgut1, felt like I was there (wish I was :). Happy Birthday, you celebrated in style!

            1. re: tom246

              Thanks tom246. You and the Mrs. are invited next year.

              1. re: bgut1

                I've had a 'tomahawk' like that at Figueira in São Paulo; quite divine indeed!

            2. re: bgut1

              Great report bgut1 and HaPpY BiRtHdAy! Everything you enjoyed, we did as well on our most recent visit. That Tomahawk is a real winner. Just big enough to share and I agree that the "beefyness" was wonderfully present in every bite.

              We've been planning with friends to go back and now you've stoked the fire!

              1. re: Foody4life

                Thanks Foody4life. Much appreciated. Please let us know about the meal. Enjoy.

                1. re: bgut1

                  Tomahawk Chop Ribeye

                  “One night after service, I rented a party bus and brought the entire staff to [meat purveyor] Pat LaFrieda's place in North Bergen,” says Marc Forgione, executive chef/owner of the American Cut steakhouse at the Revel in Atlantic City. “There I saw these thick ribeyes with a large bone sticking out of them, and was told it was called a Tomahawk Chop. I immediately decided that I needed to serve them at my restaurants.”
                  From NJ Monthly

        2. Enjoyed a "last supper" here this past Sunday.

          Even though they were about 1/3 full, the dining experience was great. Sadly the tomahawk, porterhouse and waygu were not available. The dry aged ribeye was perfect and a side of potatoes rubuchon were as silky smooth as before.

          We'll miss their wine cellar as we've always found a gem or two, and it's a much better list than offered at their Tribeca location. We were told there's more onsite storage here so that's part of the reason for the deeper cellar.

          We hope to see American Cut re-open with whatever the new Revel becomes. Our feeling is, it's just a matter of time.