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Sep 3, 2012 12:52 PM

Driving from Denver to Aspen: where do we stop for lunch ?

Likely to enter Aspen from the south (Independence Pass). One of our party doesn't eat meat (does eat fish, though). Seeking suggestions worth stopping for. Thanks.

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  1. If going via i70 to CO 9, try Food Hedz ( in Frisco or for "deck dining" the Boatyard also in Frisco. In Leadville, a very informal "Carta Blanca" for family Mexican. Twin Lakes Lodge has been OK in the past.

    1. The torta truck in leadville, across the street from the Safeway. I don't know their name or the specific hours, but they are outstanding.

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        Dan, thank you so much for this reco......I finally got up there last weekend. Liliana is lovely, the
        tortas were outstanding, I had one of carne asada and it was so good I had another of carne adobado for the road. She is open from 11 to when she runs out everyday except Sunday.
        Pablito el gordito

      2. I think it would help if you give us more about your route. Even with the note about going on Independence Pass you could approach via I-70 then through Leadville via Copper to Independence pass or you may be taking Hwy 285.

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          Right now the plan is through Leadville, not via 285. Thanks for asking.

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            Don't know when you are (were) going, so this may be too late. But, we had an excellent lunch at Relish in Breckenridge a couple of weeks ago. They say the chef is CIA trained and it looks and tastes like it. Everything was well-presented and delicious. We had a house-made salami and cheese plate, an heirloom tomato salad and two salmon dishes -- a caesar salad with blackened salmon and a grilled salmon sandwich. Service was friendly and well-timed (even though we got there just a few minutes before lunch ended.) Breck is probably 30-40 minutes out of the way, but I think Relish is worth it.