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Sep 3, 2012 11:52 AM

New Haven County, looking for good seafood places that also serve non seafood dishes

We have family coming for a visit and one of the three adults doesn't eat any seafood. We just moved to New Haven recently and have been to Stowe's in West Haven and Lobster Landing in Clinton. Both were really good. I don't think that Stowe's has much on the menu that isn't seafood and Lobster Landing is a little too dumpy (broken plastic tables and chairs). I know that my dad really wants to have some fresh seafood, preferably fried, so casual is okay. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to find a place near the water so the family can experience the pretty CT shoreline. Branford, Guilford, Madison are fine, doesn't have to be right around New Haven, though that'd be nice!

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  1. I know other thoughts will come to mind, but for some reason I'm thinking of three spots up the river, Tow in Derby that might do it for you (but check their menus) Smoke & Bones BBQ, which is very informal but very tasty, and Roseland Apizza. But also maybe Riverview BBQ in Seymour, which is as lovely an outdoor dining experience as you could wish for. It is on the water, the Housatonic, and you sit outside and the landscape will make your heart ache. But BYOB.

    You could always really show them real New Haven by taking them to Sally's or bar or Pepe's or the Spot for pizza. Clam for the seafood lovers and everything else for everyone else.

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      Smoke and Bones also has fried seafood. Their whole belly clams are excellent, brisket, ribs.
      New Haven pizza seems a given

    2. In Guilord, the Guilford Landing on the waterfront at the town dock has lots of non-seafood items. This is not the best place on the shoreline for seafood, although it's not terrible, but for a combination of seaside ambience, OK seafood (and quite good onion rings!) and non-seafood items, suitable for families and not way over-priced, it's a pretty good compromise.

      1. I'm told that Jimmies in West Haven is still going. It has been way too many years since I've been there, but it used to be a fanatastic place to dine with great seafood and other items...but they shined on their might try a call there.

        1. Thanks for your help! We'll definitely be getting pizza since we live close to Modern Apizza. I will check some of your suggestions out. I should have been more specific, that I'm looking for a seafood place that also has non-seafood dishes but you guys got it anyway. Jimmies sounds like a possibility. I haven't been to the Stony Creek Market yet. I don't know about the food but the view there looks amazing!

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            Lenny's in Branford has plenty of seafood. You can also get pretty good prime rib, steak and ribs. Burger is only so so. Its not on the water, but the view over the salt marsh is pretty nice.

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              If you live close to Modern you also live close to Wooster Square. You got out of towners and you want to give them the full treatment?

              Just sayin'!

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                I have not been to Stony Creek Market since last summer, but unless they have changed their menu entirely, you won't find seafood there. Its sandwiches and pizza. Great view from the porch out over the Thimble Islands.

              2. Not in New Haven County, but in Stratford you have Outrigger's semi water view as it is near the marina off of Ferry Boulevard. I recently had some good fried oysters and steamed mussels and the do have steaks etc.
                My one other time there was good, but truth be told I do not recall what I had.