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Sep 3, 2012 10:29 AM

on the hunt for a new mixer.....torn between Bosch and please

I like the stainless steel of the Electrolux but the whole roller thing has me unsure

I like that the Bosch is more similar to the Kitchen Aid I've used but not loving the plastic or the center post

I need a larger mixer that can also handle triple batches and also bread dough (which is why I'm shying away from a new Kitchen Aid, I've read the motor can't handle the bread)

Any helpful advice? Can't buy used (severe allergies) and can't afford a Hobart lol

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  1. Are talking about the Bosch compact or the universal?

    I looked at the both Bosch because they do have a strong following, but the number one thing that turned me off the compact was the beater arm over the middle of the bowl. This is the thing I hated about my KA and Cuisinart stand mixers. Yes I have the pouring shields for both. Don't care, having an open bowl is just so much nicer. I also don't like the fact that both Bosch are cased in plastic.

    I bought the Verona Assistent/Electrolux DLX and have no regrets. Yes it's more expensive. But IMO it's worth every single penny I paid and more. I love love love this mixer and I've only had it a week. I've made a batch of cinnamon rolls with 9 cups of flour with it. Used the beaters and the batter bowl to make the icing, Next day I made hamburger buns. I love the roller, it creates a beautiful dough texture and the open bowl is a dream to use. The mixer is much quieter than my gear based stand mixers were.

    Have you watched the Bread Becker's you tube video on using the Verona? Here is the link

    I would buy from Pleasant Hill Grain, no tax as long as you aren't in Nebraska and their customer service has a great reputation from the people I've talked to. I ordered from them and had my mixer in 3 days, fedex shipping included.

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    1. re: rasputina

      the universal.....Im leaning towards the Electrolux but not 100% sure yet

      Can you do small jobs in it too? Or is it too large a machine?


      1. re: SBackes

        So far the smallest batch of dough I've done in the stainless bowl with the roller used 5 cups of flour. Most of my yeast dough recipes call for 4 cups of flour minimum and I'd say that 3 cups would be doable, I haven't used it enough to say if less than that would work. The roller goes all the way to the bottom of the bowl, but the bowl is wide.

        For batters, like cakes and for frostings you will use the batter bowl and beaters which is smaller. I did icing in mine with 1lb of powdered sugar and some liquid and it worked perfectly.

        I feel confident that I can get rid of my stand mixers and just use this, at first I thought I'd keep my Cuisinart stand mixer for small batches but after using the Verona, I don't feel I need to.

        1. re: rasputina

          I have the Assistent too, and when I first got it, I sent the KitchenAid down to the basement. But since the Assistent doesn't have a paddle attachment, I wound up bringing the KA back to the kitchen and using it for cakes, icing and pastry. I would be anxious to hear if you feel that the Assistent is sufficient, and how you deal with cakes and such. For bread, it can't be beat, and my husband uses the grinding attachment for making sausage and chopped meat. He said that it made the KA grinder seem like a toy.

          1. re: roxlet

            I've already used it for icing.

            Like I posted, I used the Assistents batter bowl and the beaters for the icing I made. I'll do the same thing with cake batters ect. These are no different than beaters in a hand mixer and there is nothing special to the KA paddle that makes it better for cakes than normal beaters. For pie crust ect I'll use my food processor like I've always done, it cuts in cold solid fats much better than the paddle on the KA anyway.

            Do you not have the white batter bowl and beaters for yours?

            Ok I looked it up, apparently it's official name is the whisk bowl.


            scroll down the page and see the whisk bowl and beaters I'm referring to. It comes with the mixer along with the stainless bowl, roller, scraper and dough hook.

            1. re: rasputina

              I have the whisk bowl, and I think I did use it for something when I first got the Assistent (maybe 8 years ago), but as I recall, I was dissatisfied with the result, which was when I hauled the KA up to the kitchen again. Maybe I'll give it another whirl. My KA is about 40 years old, and is a real work horse, but I hate how the flour puffs up and all over the counter when I add it in when making cake batter. Nothing is better for bread than the Assistent, and you can make double batches, which is what I do for entertaining around the holidays.

              1. re: roxlet

                I hate adding ingredients to the stand mixers. Invariably I end up making a mess on the head or spilling stuff down the outside of the bowl or on the counter. Or I have to turn it off to get better access to the bowl.

                1. re: rasputina

                  That's one of the things I adore about the Assistent. Plus, I like being able to see exactly what's going on in the bowl.

            2. re: roxlet

              oh and I agree the KA grinder is a toy. I had one for mine and that stupid plastic housing ended up cracking. Since we got the Cuisinart stand mixer a few years ago we have been using the grinder attachment for it, and it's better but I'm thinking I'll just get the one for the Assistent. Besides I wouldn't mind having the cookie press attachment you use with the grinder since I use one every year at Christmas

              1. re: roxlet

                ah interesting
                I'll primarily use this for very large batches of baked goods (cupcakes etc). I'm just starting to get into bread baking so I'm not sure how often I'll do that yet

                1. re: SBackes

                  I found this video on bread beckers of them using the mixer for cake batter and cupcakes. I thought it was interesting that she did the eggs and sugar first, instead of the usual fat and sugar. The video is called bread baking 201 but it's not about breads.


                  At 47 minutes in she makes cookies in the mixer using the metal bowl with the roller and scraper.

                  1. re: rasputina

                    thanks for the link......we don't use eggs (son's allergic) but interesting to see she changes the order

                    1. re: rasputina

                      Just thought I'd post a follow up.

                      After watching the bread beckers use the mixer for chocolate chip cookies I decided to make some today. I used the stainless bowl with the roller and scraper like they show in the video. It worked out great. I did make sure the butter was soft and I did butter, sugar and added the eggs quickly which helped it all great together well. The texture of the cookie dough was nice and fluffy. I just moved the roller to the middle often to help the flour fully incorporate before adding more and to make sure it was all well mixed.

                      I'm really happy with the way it came out. I'm sure the video made the difference since I'm new to this machine.

                      1. re: rasputina

                        Aren't The Bread Beckers wonderful? I think their videos are so great that I plan, when the time comes, to buy my DLX from them as a token of my appreciation. :)

                        @SBackes, join the Yahoo Mixer Owners group. You'll encounter strong feelings about both machines but partisanship aside, almost all of the members really know what they're talking about and can offer very sound advice (I'd have to say that the lion's share of discussions involves Bosch vs. DLX). Not a few members have both machines or even all three (both Bosches) and like them all; some such owners even pull out their KAs occasionally. A point that was brought up recently and which made very good sense was that if one opts for a Universal Plus it should be on the merits of the mixer and not based on the price difference between it and the DLX because the owner would be disappointed. Do a lot of research (including videos, both on YouTube and TBB) and then go with your gut--both are excellent mixers.

                      2. re: rasputina

                        I clock it in at about 1:02. Regardless, I love their demos.

            3. I have a Bosch universal. . Don't really have anything to compare it too. It works ok. I would have bought the Kitchen Aide but just read too many stories of the newer ones not holding up to heavy duty bread making.

              The smallest dough I've done in the Bosch is 18 ounces of flour but it really works better with about twice that.

              1. I made a pumpkin spice bundt cake last night in the DLX and it came out great! This is the first cake I've made with the DLX. I used the plastic bowl and beaters. I now feel confident that it can meet my various needs for baking and not just be reserved for yeast breads.

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                1. re: rasputina

                  Did you use the new batter whisks or the whip-whisks?

                  1. re: MacGuffin

                    I used the batter whisks. It's really easy to just pop out the whipping ones and switch to the batter ones.

                    1. re: rasputina

                      I ask because they're new as of a year ago (as is the detachable cord and forgive my redundancy if you already knew this). It used to be the whips, the roller, and the hook. I like that there's now another option as well just in case some folks aren't comfortable using the roller for just about everything.