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Sep 3, 2012 09:43 AM

Shiva Meal Delivery to Jericho, NY-Fleischiges

Just was informed of a death in the extended family. Need to have fleishige Shiva meals for 25 adults delivered to Jericho NY for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Food only, no paper goods, beverages or staff needed.

Must be under supervision, but need not be glatt.

Any suggestions?????????????


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  1. Ben's in Greenvale and Bagel Boss in Jericho or Hicksville/Plainview. There's also a Boomy's in Plainview.

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    1. re: craigcep

      Thanks for your suggestions, but I'm still looking for more.

      Ben's doesn't list Jericho as a town they deliver to ( on their website list). I called and was told to call back tomorrow when it's not a holiday. Unfortunately, death doesn't take a holiday and the levaya is tomorrow.

      Bagel Boss is Dairy, so it's of no use to us.

      Boomy's says they need more notice to do anything except cold deli platters for 25 people.

      This is very frustrating, as years ago when I was in the catering business, shiva meals were avery important and lucrative part of the business.

      1. re: bagelman01

        Never been to this place, but it's worth a shot I guess -

        Sorry about Bagel Boss, didn't notice you wrote fleishigs.

        Maybe something in Roslyn, Great Neck or Merrick can deliver to Jericho?

        1. re: craigcep

          I just called them and they can handle it. They seemed very aware of the proper way to do shiva meals. Even asked if I needed things in oven ready aluminum trays as opposed to plastic.
          I won't be eating or seeing the food, as I'll be going to the house after the funeral tomorrow. But I'll see assorted 2nd and 3rd cousins next Sunday at the family cemetery and am sure to get a report.

          1. re: craigcep

            Just an update.
            We ordered from your suggestion

            Ran into some of the family who were at the shiva house for the meals when I was at the cemetery last week. Very positive comments about the food: taste, freshness, portion size.

            Thanks again

            1. re: bagelman01

              If you're all set, great. Colbeh in Roslyn definitely does shiva meals.

              1. re: robocop

                since the request for Shiva was made September 3rd, I won't be contacting Colbeh. Hopefully we won't need another shiva meal delivered to Jericho for many, many years.

          2. re: bagelman01

            Sorry for your loss.

            I know some will feel this is not so PC of me to say, but maybe the glatt places would be a bit more cognizant of the time-sensitive nature. My thought is that the glatt places are used more consistently by the Orthodox, who usually don't delay funerals as much as other Jews might.

            B"H, I have no personal experience with this, so I don't have specific recommendations, but in Queens there are places like Meal Mart and Mauzone, and the kosher supermarkets usually have prepared meat sections. I have no idea if there are similar places closer to Jericho, or if the Queens places might deliver to there, but maybe someone else would know that.

            1. re: queenscook

              Thanks, it was actually the husband of a 4th cousin. I know that sounds a bit stretched, but we have a family foundation that was founed in 1919. I'm 5th generation and there are now members of the 8th generation in America (we are truly Yankees). This couple actually lives only 10 minutes from me, closer than any first cousins.

              You are right about the Glatt places understanding the need to move quickly. Crtaig came back and gave me a recommendation for a Glatt place in Plainview that was able to handle the order with no problems up front. Amazing what the internet can accomplish!

              I've been to many of the places you mention in Queens, but this is not something I can handle in person and needed to make sure it could be ordered and delivered. Now I can let the family know Wed and Thursday nights are covered. Family from Brooklyn and Jersey are taking care of the rest of the week.

              It's a bit odd that in an area with so many Jews (metro NY) you have to do a lot of work to handle this. In out of town areas you either have one caterer, who has to respond (to stay in business) or the sisterhood of the shul handles it as a major sopurce of revenue.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Actually, in a number of the local shuls near me, there's a committee that takes care of shiva meals, but not as a source of revenue at all. It's just done as a chesed, and the people who cook and bake just do it on their own dime. I've never been asked to cook for 25, but I've cooked and baked dozens of times over the years, and I think when there are that many to prepare for, more people are asked to do the cooking/baking.