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Sep 3, 2012 08:06 AM

gluten free fried seafood near Yarmouth?

Spending some time near Yarmouth in September. Wondering if anyone knows of any places in that general area that serve fried clams etc. that are gluten free? It's a pretty difficult thing to track down in general. Most places seem to use a mix of wheat flour and corn flour, either homemade or a commercial brand like Fis Chic. Woodman's and Farnham's in Essex use straight corn flour. After that it gets dicey (eg. most of the Roast Beef/Seafood joints have flour in the dredge.) Not that worried about cross contamination in the fryers from eg. onion rings. Any ideas? Lots of other ways to enjoy fish in the area, so I'm not that worried about it. But a basket of fried clams would be nice.

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  1. Take the 25-30 minute ride to Chatham, explore the lighthouse area, the gorgeous waterfront, and the quaint winding roads. Park downtown and walk the beautiful, upscale, and vibrant village center, one of the best the Cape offers. Then hop in the car and get yourself to Chatham Fish and Lobster on Rte 28 where ALL the fried food is 100% gluten free. So pig out on fried clams and onion rings to your hearts content! Just be sure to report back here.

    Here's the link:

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      One of my friends has Celiac disease along with her young daughter, and they are very serious about keeping gluten free. She has asked all the questions at Chatham Fish & Lobster and it meets her standards for gluten free. We have eaten there with her and it is very good. Check the hours before you go though - they close pretty early in the evening.

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        Thank you so much (and also to candaceb!). That is really great to know. Definitely now have an afternoon planned, and I will report back.

      2. Although they don't have seafood, IDGY's in Yarmouth is a gluten-free restaurant and bakery. They are in the shopping center at Station Ave. & Whites Path, near Ardeo Grill.