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Sep 3, 2012 07:08 AM

Tony Mandola's

Really enjoyed this place for dinner.. Food was very good and service was caring but unobtrusive. Menu is pricy but good for a splurge.

Would like to try it again. Menu is heavy with seafood. Had a Cajun martini, did not enjoy it - weird taste of gin infused with jalapenos.

Ceviche got high marks from fellow diner; so did cioppino. My pasta with smoked chicken was only fair; the sun-dried tomatoes on top tasted like they came from a jar.

Blue Combo (fried seafood combo) was a big hit with fellow diners.

Bread pudding with apples for dessert was excellent.

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  1. We rediscovered this place recently and I have been delighted by each of our several visits. I love the fusion of Mexican and Italian, the cool and breezy dining room and the professional wait staff. I hear they have a great patio too which I intend to look for in a couple of months!