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Sep 3, 2012 06:03 AM

please critique my late sept paris itinerary

We are staying in Marais but open to traveling. Thanks in advance:

Thursday lunch: Auberge Flora

Thursday dinner: Tintilou

Friday lunch: L'Office

Friday dinner: Septime

Saturday lunch: open

Saturday dinner: Terroir Parisien

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  1. I may be the only one in the universe who thinks so, but I think your list is spot on.

    Saturday lunch you want
    New undiscovered - Pirouette or L'Apibo
    New, discovered, not universally applauded - Galopin (not Gallopin)
    New seafood - Cabinon
    Loved by me but not everyone - the new Pinxo
    Old beloved - Repaire de Cartouche

    1. I was a little disappointed with L'Office, the decor was nice but I was not seduced by the food. Restaurant Vivant is just down the street and is great. The ingredients are outstanding, they have a fabulous natural wine list and an amazing Art Nouveau decor.

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      1. re: marjolaine92

        When did you eat at L'Office?
        Kevin O'Donnell left the end of July and Youssouki Yamaji (?spelling) only started a week ago or so.

        1. re: John Talbott

          That's right, have you been since they changed chef's? I like the space and they have a great wine list so I would definitely be interested in trying it again. Have you tried Roseval?

          1. re: marjolaine92

            Yes I went to L'Office last week and posted the review.
            I have not tried Roseval, I only eat out at lunch d/t a vampire phobia.

            1. re: John Talbott

              And Vivant has changed as well, have you been?

              1. re: marjolaine92

                Quite a few friends have gone and reported back positively.

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    Great, can't wait to hear your report.

              2. re: marjolaine92

                Roseval is well worth the trek to the Ménilmontant. It created quite a buzz over the summer after it opened and I felt a little humiliated that I joined the pack so quickly. But am thankful that I did. Maybe the food is a little too minimalist and spare at first sight and occasionally a dish that reminded me of the "garrigue"/ brush in Provence but the tastes were so complex and mutually flattering that the preciousness (which I usually find irritating) was surprisingly enjoyable. The chef is an alumnus of Le Chateaubriand and it shows. But mercifully no jarring combinations. And the wines are wonderfully affordable so the enjoyment is not tarnished by an oh-my-god moment when the final tab arrives.

                Another new one to try is the no-rezzie Restaurant Pierre-Sang Boyer on the rue Oberkampf. Totally delish. My only complaint is that it's very much of a chef's show with so much interaction between diners and the kitchen that it's almost like a cooking demonstration. The guy is charming but it does get in the way of sparkling conversations with your friends. Solo diners or very earnest foodies will, however, have no complaints.

                1. re: Parnassien

                  I'll put Roseval on my list. Speaking of Ménilmontant, have you been to Chatomat?

                    1. re: John Talbott

                      I love it! I mean your stance (and maybe the nocturnal life as well). But I must say that I prefer having an indulgent lunch over dinner, hate to go to sleep with a too full tummy

                      1. re: marjolaine92

                        As I've written time out of mind; It's healthier, saner, cheaper and one can walk it off as you imply without being stuffed at sleeptime but it means I miss places like Roseval, Chatomat, Verjus, Pulperia, Les Rillettes, the Beef Club and the new Frenchie (see I even keep a list hoping they open at lunch.)

          2. Oh, I love Septime.
            Here are some others:
            Frenchie (I actually prefer the no reservations wine bar accross from the restaurant if you arrive early before they open at 7 or on the later side you can get a table), Le Galopin- off the beaten tourist track on a charming little square, well prepared food, great ingredients, the wines are well chosen but a bit limited, good for lunch. Passage 53- located in one of Paris' covered galleries, charming, a light mixture of superior French ingredients prepared by Japanese chefs (a little on the expensive side so take advantage of their less expensive lunch), Saturne- great space with an inventive cuisine and stellar wine list, Spring- an American chef who prepares refined seasonal dishes, once again great wine list, ask to be seated upstairs if possible for lunch.