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Sep 3, 2012 02:10 AM

Sunday lunch in Luberon or Alpilles

Planning on hitting the L'sle sur la Sorge market and looking for recommendations for lunch following, either in the area or in the Alpilles where we are headed in the afternoon. Thinking about Le Vivier but wanted to get some other ideas. Other meals in the Provence portion of the trip: Le Cloiserie, Le Petit Maison, La Bartavelle, L'Oustalet (gigondas), Auberge de la Clue (Brantes) and Coteaux et Fourchettes. Better options near these places also appreciated.

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  1. Lunch on SUN after the market: Mas du Capoun in Mollégès.
    Other meals:
    L'Arôme or le Fournil in Bonnieux
    La Petite Cave in Saignon
    L'Auberge des Carrières in les Taillades
    La Ferme de la Huppe in Gordes
    Le Mas de la Rose (le Potager du Mas) in Orgon

    1. The Sunday L'Isle sur la Sorgue Market is a lot of fun but quite exhausting. It's a beautiful town, take note of the unusual green algae growing in the Sorgue river.

      Instead of driving, you might want to just stay in town, there are a couple of good choices: (And you can leave your car where you parked it)

      Cafe Fleurs, on rue Aubanel-- wonderful.
      Le Jardin du Quai, on rue Julien Guigue. Gorgeous environment.

      Since this is a very busy day in town, make sure to make a reservation a couple of days before.

      1. Best lunch we had in the Luberon last year was a picnic provisioned from the L'Isle sur la Sorgue market. Doesn't sound like what you had in mind, but it's an alternative worth considering.

        1. Auberge de la Clue is in Plaisans, not Brantes. Excellent especially during months when it's warm enough to sit on the large outside terrace overlooking Mount Ventoux.

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            Yes, you are correct about it being in Plaisians. We are hoping it will be warm enough in early October to dine on the terrasse.

            1. re: tigerjohn

              You might also consider Le Grand Pré in Roaix just outside Vaison la Romaine. Pricey; superb food; beautiful atmosphere with charming garden.

              I drove a visiting friend to Fontaine de la Vaucluse in late May. We were both appalled--I hadn't been there in a few years--by the revolting honky-tonk despoliation of such an exquisite spot. Wall-to-wall fold-up junk souvenir stands of the worst sort lined the once beautiful climb to the top. Stands selling disgusting-lookign phosphorescent Day-Glo colored ices and slush drinks were everywhere and parking was impossible. Be forewarned.

              1. re: patricia Fieldsteel

                How sad to hear that. It used to be so idyllic and romantic. Sounds like lots of places in the States. :(

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Yes, ChefJune, it was sad and horrific at the same time. There's a great paper museum there, a new museum devoted to World War ll and the Resistance, the Petrarch Museum
                  and of course the cascades and pool at the top. Unfortunately, after this recent experience--on a weekday afternoon in mid-May!--I will never go again, not will I take any visiting friends. The Mairie there really blew it this time.