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Sep 2, 2012 10:19 PM

Where to buy beef heart (and other organs) in Los Angeles?

My cat is on a raw diet, and at the moment I'm buying and freezing whatever happens to be on sale at Ralphs, which is a little bit too mainstream for organ meat.

I know you can buy chicken hearts at Ranch 99, but does anyone know a place to pick up beef heart, and possibly liver?

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  1. Ranch 99 has both, as does most Chinese markets. San Gabriel Superstore has the largest selection of organ meats I've seen.

    1. There is a small Armenian market/restaurant/bakery in North Hollywood at Woodman and Oxnard called Sweet 1 Bakery and Kebab Factory. They carry beef hearts, liver, and other organ meats. They also carry lamb organs.

      http://www.bestkabobfactory.com/ (The prices on that website for "liver, heart, kidney" are for cooked meats.)

      1. My animals are all raw fed; I buy the bulk of their food at Jon's Market. They have a great selection of...well, parts: lamb hearts/kidney, beef tongue, chicken feet, turkey backs and necks, beef heart and liver. Sometimes they have goat.

        Interestingly, none of my animals will touch chicken liver but they love beef liver/heart as well as lamb innards.

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