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Sep 2, 2012 10:19 PM

Where to buy beef heart (and other organs) in Los Angeles?

My cat is on a raw diet, and at the moment I'm buying and freezing whatever happens to be on sale at Ralphs, which is a little bit too mainstream for organ meat.

I know you can buy chicken hearts at Ranch 99, but does anyone know a place to pick up beef heart, and possibly liver?

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  1. Ranch 99 has both, as does most Chinese markets. San Gabriel Superstore has the largest selection of organ meats I've seen.

    1. There is a small Armenian market/restaurant/bakery in North Hollywood at Woodman and Oxnard called Sweet 1 Bakery and Kebab Factory. They carry beef hearts, liver, and other organ meats. They also carry lamb organs. (The prices on that website for "liver, heart, kidney" are for cooked meats.)

      1. My animals are all raw fed; I buy the bulk of their food at Jon's Market. They have a great selection of...well, parts: lamb hearts/kidney, beef tongue, chicken feet, turkey backs and necks, beef heart and liver. Sometimes they have goat.

        Interestingly, none of my animals will touch chicken liver but they love beef liver/heart as well as lamb innards.

        1. The original comment has been removed