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Three Dinners- R'evolution, Root and ??

I've been going to New Orleans for the past 20 or so years but have not been back since 2007. I'm very familiar with the traditional/classic spots and have decided to try new places this go round. Thus, I'm set on R'evolution and Root and excited to try both. I still need one more spot for dinner which will be my first meal and on a weeknight (not that it matters).

I've narrowed the lost down to the following:

Bistro Daisy
La Petit Grocery

Which one gets the nod? Great food is most important. Service/setting secondary.
If close, how would you rank them?
Missing any I should seriously consider?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. You can't go wrong with either of your 5 choices. I would choose Patois. It's down the street from Clancy's which is one of my favorites if you want to consider them. Enjoy your visit.

    1. As this request is for dinner, I would, too, suggest Patois - were this a request for lunch, I would lean toward Coquette, but each of these are nice choices

      1. A couple of additional casual/modern/funky spots are Green Goddess or Maurepas Foods were great, though it is 6 months or since I have been to NOLA.

        1. All of your choices are very good....can't really go wrong. But I gotta say, La Petite's been rockin' it lately.

          1. I wouldn't consider Bistro Daisy. Other choices are all fine. Look at sample menus and go with the one you like best. Or just flip a coin.

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              Patois was my initial gut call and I'm leaning heavily toward doing that the first night and then shooting over to Cure for a drink or two.

              Thanks guys for your input. Wish I had time for more meals.

            2. I agree with Patois. It is also in a completely different part of New Orleans. Excellent cocktails, food and service. Probably my favorite restaurant in Nola. They have a pickle martini that I love. It tastes exactly like it sounds, (and is possibly an acquired taste!) but I love the combination of flavors. Patois gets my nomination for best gumbo in the city with their smoked rabbit and andouille gumbo. Also love Coquette and have had several excellent meals there. Agree with GDPhalp about Coquette for a (leisurely) lunch, especially if its a rainy afternoon.

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                Perfect timing - heading back to New Orleans for the first time in about 6 years. I will be there with 3 other women - we are all in our early 30s and love food. I definitely want to try Patois, but what would you suggest for the other two evenings out of this list (or not on this list)? Food is a top priority, but if you need a tie breaker, fun atmosphere/good location for drinks afterward would be great. Thanks!

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                  Foodwise, a no brainer; August and R'evolution. Just down the street from R'evolution is Arnaud's French 75 for cocktails.

              2. Thanks for the input and advice. I ended up doing Patois, Root and R'evolution for dinner. And SoBou, Cochon and Maurepas Food for lunch with Casamentos mixed in too. I'll do a fun recap in a new thread but my nutshell rankings would be

                Dinner- R'evolution, Patois and Root.

                Lunch- Cochon (crazy good), Maurepas Food and SoBou. Casamentos is a classic and the oyster loaf and chargrilled oysters rock. They are 1A if you are an oyster fan like me.