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Best burger in Lima?

delphinef Sep 2, 2012 06:35 PM

Do any Chowhounds have suggestions for the best American-style burger in Lima, Peru? I'm from New York, so I may be a tough judge, but I've been out of the US for a while and am craving a good burger. My criteria for good burgers are juicy beef, not too many spices added, charbroiled if possible. A bonus would be the option to add a good, sharp cheese, and crispy bacon, but that would just be icing.

I've tried Bembo's (patty seemed too mass-manufactured with a strange rubbery texture), and Gloton's (pretty good, just not enough flavor to the meat). I know Anthony Bourdain said Chili's had the best burger here, but I've never been to a Chili's -- can anyone vouch?


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