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Sep 2, 2012 05:41 PM

The best and the worst days to dine out ?

I have heard Tuesday is a better day to dine out than Sunday.Tuesday is when the food is ordered for the week. That's what I hear. And Sunday they are cleaning out their fridge. Any truth to this ?

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  1. Anthony Bourdain says Tues through Thurs is when the chefs are on their game, food is freshest and they know their customers are there for food, not just to get out socially, so they're on their game to deliver. Sun and Mon the worst. And any sauced fish special is meant to cover up lack of freshness on Sun and Mon.

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      I would have to agree with that statement. If the restaurant is super busy you may get two deliveries, but in most cases just 1 per week is enough.

    2. I imagine it's easier to get a reservation on a Tuesday than a Friday, but I can't say that I've noticed better or fresher food on any given day. I think it would depend upon the resto, how often they get deliveries and when the "good" chef's night off is.

      The absolute worst days are probably Valentine's and Mother's days.

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        Totally agree about those holidays, also restaurant weeks are disappointing, cattle calls with less than ideal representations of food and service in otherwise good spots.

        I'm pretty sure Bourdain said the "good" chef is likely to be off on Sunday/Monday, IIRC.

      2. I am reminded of the Philadelphia restaurant critic who wrote a book called "Never Eat Out on Mother's Day". (Also Valentine's Day.)

        1. Worst days to dine out are holidays. Any holiday.

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            I would disagree about Thanksgiving, believe it or not. I've eaten several very wonderful meals at restaurants on Thanksgiving Day: for some reason, that appears to be a holiday that is the exception to the rule (with Christmas as the only runner- up, perhaps surprisingly). But St Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and New Year's Eve* are terrible.

            * One exception: Provincetown MA - there's a fantastic atmosphere at the end of the world, as it were, as most of the nearly-yearround restaurants prepare to shut down for a month.

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              but on Thanksgiving day - never order the 'traditional' special

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                I once had a terrific meal on Christmas Eve, at an Italian place. I remember being surprised that it was open, much less that the food was as good as or even better than their usual high standards. And the place was packed, with large families. I asked the owner if Xmas eve was always that successful and he grimaced and said that unfortunately from his point of view yes. he said he always wanted to take the day off but they were located next to a large Catholic Church and apparently pre and post Mass dinners had become a tradition for a number of the parishioners. One never knows.

                As for me more generally, I dislike crowds and thus try to avoid Saturday nights, unless we eat early.

              2. With the exception of Chains......if you are relying on the chef to personally cook your order, or at the very least, over see the kitchen's production....then you need to find out which day he has off. I don't dine out on holidays, Friday or Saturday evenings. Some of my best meals have been on Sundays.

                As for the the notion Tuesday is better than Sunday because the Food is ordered on Tuesday....the earliest it would be prepared, is the next day, so that though is really meaningless......and for the record, Chain restaurants can receive orders every day of the week if needed.......and good restaurants will order fish daily as needed.

                The bottom line.....good restaurants clean out their fridge every day....by offering specials, which are often considered the best meals of the day by many.....not just on Sundays. The worst food and service....always on a Friday or Saturday evening.

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                  People that dine out on Holidays should remember that most people working on the holidays hate the fact that they're being forced to work those days, thus the service is a bit chilly, and the food can be a bit rushed. Add the symphony of screaming kids, looks of horrified parents, and you get the picture. I am guessing that is why Vegas went back to the adult theme. And left the family theme to Walt Disney

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                    some don't mind working holidays actually. it's an excuse to NOT be with your family, it's usually a set menu, so easier and you're guaranteed volume. for many years i volunteered to work thanksgiving for exactly these reasons.

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                      Also, not everyone lives near enough their families to care. When I lived across the country from my family, I liked working holidays, especially the days around Christmas. Took my mind off being away from them.