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Sep 2, 2012 05:08 PM

Washington DC - Dupont Circle - Recommendations Needed

San Francisco hound coming to Washington for wedding in middle of September. One free Thursday night available and looking for recommendation. Ideally, seeking "food guy" or foodies restaurant rather than place to see parasitic legislators or other government workers. Other good recommendations would be for Indian food as well. Thanks you for thoughts and recommendations.

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  1. Sushi Taro. If you can get into the omakase room the price/quality ratio is probably the best I can think of. That does not mean cheap in that it is still $150, but that the same meal is $400 in LA or New York and I'm pretty sure such quality doesn't exist in SF.

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    1. re: uhockey

      Excellent, thank you. I have been reading about this restaurant.

      1. re: poulet_roti

        Really though - escape Dupont Circle otherwise and go to Rogue24. What RJ Cooper is doing there is something entirely unique in the US dining scene IMO.

        1. re: uhockey

          Really? Whats wrong with Dupont Circle? Frankly, I have not been to the area in years. I am looking for good food with my girlfriend and low hassle factor, and prefer to be able to navigate around on foot or transit.

          1. re: poulet_roti

            Nothing wrong with it - but assuming you can walk and use a map Rogue 24 is the best restaurant in DC (though Komi is quite good, as well) and unlike anything in the Bay Area.


        2. re: uhockey

          I'm sure Sushi Taro is delicious (I've personally never been) but if you are coming in from San Francisco do you really want to come to DC to get sushi? SF has a much more impressive sushi scene in my opinion.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Disagree. I can't think of a spot in SF I'd go "out of my way for" for sushi - I'd go out of my way for the Taro Omakase.


            1. re: uhockey

              uhockey - i agree, we have "good" sushi, but i wouldn't go "out of my way" for any particular sushi here in SF

        3. considering most people here are "other government workers", perhaps take a bus to Baltimore?

          Now, if you care about great food and now how people earn their living (working hard with zero recognition in most cases), there are tons of options.

          You can walk to rasika west end from dupont.

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          1. re: Jeserf

            Getting dangerously close to the State Department! But yes, when I see someone ask for Indian, Rasika is the clear choice.

            1. re: katecm

              oh good call.
              Yes, avoid Rasika West End and leave it for the rest of us who, on our overpaid federal jobs go there all the time.

              HAHAHAH hooo that was a good one

            2. re: Jeserf

              Thanks for the recommendation, looks like great idea and thought. As for the "working hard with zero recognition in most cases" - I assume you get a paycheck and probably generous benefits - so you are probably pretty well "recognized".

              Anyways, I do appreciate the recommendation.

            3. For amazing Indian, not that far from Dupont Circle go to the new Rasika West End. It is Indian cuisine like you've never seen it before. They use French cooking technique with classic Indian flavors. A really stellar meal! Make sure not to miss the palak chat---in my opinion it is the single best dish in DC.

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                Thanks you Elyssa. I've done some homework and this does look like something special - exactly what I am seeking. Thank you.