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Sep 2, 2012 05:04 PM

Breville Pie Maker - do you like it?

cute. 4 mini pies. on sale $49.99 at Williams-Sonoma for the Labor Day weekend. I am such a sucker for gadgets... will this gather dust in my pantry? yay or nay?

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  1. We have a similar model from Bella. Use it to make individual chicken pot pies, apple pies, etc. Use it a couple times a month. I find it much easier to make dough for smaller pies rather than trying to roll out 12 inch pieces of perfect dough for large pies. The small pies are also more forgiving because if the filling runs when cut, it's not such a disaster as with a large pie.

    In the summer it's nice to make pies without heating up the house with the oven or even a toaster oven.

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      Antilope, what are your favorite recipes in your Bella?

    2. I don't have one, because I just don't see anything special in it. For the same money I could buy an assortment of little tart pans in a variety of shapes and sizes, if I didn't already own them anyway. It doesn't really save you anything other than not turning the oven on. You still need to make the pastry, filling, line the forms, fill, cover and bake. Might as well put them in the oven and bake more than 4 at a time.

      1. thank you for both replies; I do have small tart pans, and small individual pie pans... do I use them? no. it's time to dig them out of the boxes in storage.
        I did like the idea of just 4 at a time since it's just the two of us. Hand Pies would be just perfect for us. Pastry dough's in the freezer. Chicken Pot Pie is moving to the top of my to-do list.
        I didn't make it to the sale - even online - and I wouldn't pay full price.