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Sep 2, 2012 04:17 PM

New to Westchester and looking for great groceries

Hi! New to the Westchester area (New Rochelle to be exact) and I am looking for some great specialty groceries. I am especially interested in Asian groceries. Any recommendations?

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  1. H mart in white plains large, new and a lot of oriental, Korean,Japanese and Chinese all in one, extensive fish and produce also. Nothing else comes close for the variety alone

    1. In White Plains, there is Kam Sen in the building where the DMV is. H Mart is actually in Hartsdale, close to White Plains.

      1. H Mart is actually in Hartsdale on Central Park Avenue. It's terrific for Asian groceries. Also on Central Park Avenue, this time in White Plains, is Yaranush, which sells Armenian and Middle Eastern groceries and prepared foods. You're very close to the new Whole Foods in Ridge Hill, and not too far from Fairway in Pelham. Although there are local stores for Italian grocery items (V. Zucherelli on Rt. 22 in Eastchester, for one), you can just hop onto the Bronx River Parkway and head down to Arthur Avenue for an amazing experience. There's a great post on the Outer Boroughs board that lists some of the stores.

        1. If you prefer to travel a bit southerly, you can go to Chang Li in the Bronx. It's only a short distance from New Rochelle, and the selection is similar to what you would find in Flushing.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions!