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Sep 2, 2012 04:05 PM

First Time to Vegas, where should we chow for dinner?

For my husband I. Possibly a romantic meal. He says he will wear shirt, tie and jeand. Here is what we like: Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, good beer like craft beers, scotch, wine, steak, seafood for me including sushi but not my husband. Would like to feel like were paying for a good meal so we prefer no chains like Changs or Gordon Biersch. Would not mind any that the product of celebrity chefs like Puck, Flay and etc. I think Aureole would be cool but wonder if its really good or just a tourist place? Please give me some suggestions and I will look at the menus. Were headed there in October and we may see The Beatles Cirque Du Soleil one night so something nearby would be nice and of course we'll walk the strip but we're not staying there but rather with family. They are fifteen minutes from car away but if we coukd walk the strip and see sights befire/after dinner that would be convient also. Even though we want to do the autonomous cab just one trip to or from dinner is enough. Thanks!

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  1. My DH has been to Vegas many times, but my first trip was in May. I really enjoyed Scarpetta. We had a table with a view of the fountains and the pasta dishes were amazing. It was relaxed, unrushed with great service. We also hit opening night at Gordon Ramsey Steak at the Paris hotel. Food was amazing, prices matched and service was annoyingly attentive. Would I go back ? Probably would, but then again I have no problem, stating nicely, of course what my expectations are for the pace of the meal,

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      We ended up going to Olives and sat on the balcony while the fountains were going. It was an excellent meal. I recommend it to all. If you make a reservation for 5pm just get in line about 4pm for the balcony seating.

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        Sounds like you had a nice evening. That's great! We didn't try Olives because we've been to a number of Todd English places, but I'll keep it in mind for next trip.

    2. Can't edit my original post, above. After looking at some restaurants myself, it would be great if we could eat at an Italian restaurant that has new york strip for my husband, is $50 or less and then has pumpkin ravioli/tortellini and panna cotta OR baked alaska for me. We eat in NYC often and the places we love are Scarlatto, Orso, Bice, Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern so a similar restaurant in Las Vegas would be great. Ultimately I would like a good meal that is worth the money. Please let me know your favorites and recommendations. Thanks!

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        You could do Italian but why not get something that is better than you can get in New York? Lotus of Siam has absolutely fantastic Thai food at reasonable prices. It's pretty much guaranteed that it's way better than Thai food you've had anywhere else. (And that includes the Lotus of Siam spinoff that opened in New York - vastly inferior). It's on East Sahara a mile from the strip and you'll need to cab it.

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            The NYC LOS has closed. Didn't get good reviews. Food was okay, but very expensive and tiny portions. I tried it when the LV owners were still involved.

        1. Don't eat Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese food anywhere else except in China Town - there is nothing on the strip that compares to the authentic food in China Town.

          1. We have eaten at a number of LV restaurants and the highlight of each visit has always been Delmonico in the Venetian. The Beatles show is across the street at the Mirage so its convenient. They have been consistent and it remains my #1 steak spot anywhere on the planet. There are lots of places to eat in LV but if I was forced to pick one Delmonico is it, get the ribeye. Have a great trip.

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              I've already made my dinner reservation at Delmonico, and am planning on the ribeye. Which one: with bone or without. I have a very good appetite, but will be dining solo. Any recommendations for starters and sides?

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                I've had both and they are both winners. I love bone in but the dilemma is having that delicious bone and not being able to gnaw on it in that environment, boneless eliminates that temptation. Have a great meal, looking forward to mine next month!!

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                  The Gumbo is very good as is the bisque. The sides are huge and if dining solo I'd go app. vs. side and I too have a big appetite. Should you opt for a side, I have enjoyed the creamed spinach but am a sucker for potatoes with steak as I love to let the juice soak the potatoes and enjoy the beefy potatoy bite. I also lean toward a seafood app if the gumbo is meaty as I personally want my meat craving to least right up to that first bite of hot, tender, juicy perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of fat rib eye explosion that launches a carnivore frenzy at the table, but that's just me. App or side, you will not leave hungry, enjoy!!