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Sep 2, 2012 03:46 PM

Beef neck roast?

Can anyone provide any info? Was at my butcher's yesterday and saw it. A long boneless, tied cylinder. Didn't recognize any of my usual guys behind the counter and it was closing time so I left everyone alone to do their thing. Curious, especially because it was awfully affordable at $8.99/lb. I'm assuming it would at least be good for grinding and simmering, and maybe for chunking and stewing, braising or tossing in a pot pie. Thanks, as always, in advance...

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  1. It is best for braising. Much like chuck roasts would be used or short ribs depending on how your butcher cut it.

    1. If you're familiar with oxtail, it's very similar to that but maybe a little less fatty. It's actually great in a slow cooker but you could certainly simmer it. Beef neck tacos are excellent.

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        Thanks to you both. Very familiar with oxtail, and tacos sound like a great application, as does a simple braise as a way to start understanding this cut. Thanks again.

      2. Lamb neck is one of my favorite cuts, Boston butt is pork neck and great as well. Cook same way, long braising or as long smoking BBQ. You will love it.