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Sep 2, 2012 03:41 PM

Has anyone eaten at Teak Neighborhood Grill in Metrowest (Orlando)?

I had it recommended to me as a gastropub kind of place, and the burger menus look interesting if the rest looks kinda run of the mill - of course execution is everything. Odd location - you have to be heading there not ever passing by. They are also apparently opening another place call Rus-Teak (get it?) on Maguire out in Ocoee/Windermere.

Then again, they have this too

Glazed Donut Burger - served between two hot glazed donuts topped with American cheese & smoked bacon

Now I'm not part of the foodie mafia or anything, but it's just, um.... yuck.

Just looking for a personal report from a Chowhound before I add it to the must-try list

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  1. I've never been there but I know people who rave about the burgers. The burger menu does look interesting enough to try.

    1. Went a few times, had such awful service, and hadn't seen our server in so long that we called the restaurant from our table & asked to speak to a manager. We were told by the manager that it was the most ridiculous thing that we called the hotel. When we told him that we wouldn't come back he told us he didn't want us to return. Then we found out this manager was actually the owner. It was the worst I have ever been treated at a restaurant. I would never go back.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Completely lackluster service by Megan but what was worse was the manager, Benjamin.

          My party of 6 waited about 45 minutes for food, was never told about upcharges to our bill, and barely saw our server.

          When we received our bill, we asked to speak to the manager. Benjamin came over and proceeded to blow off every single one of my valid complaints. He also called me miserable and told me never to come back. He kept repeating it over and over again as he left my table until he was practically yelling it throughout the bar. When he didn't get the reaction I assume he was looking for, he went back to the bar to laugh and joke with the other patrons and servers about "reparations". As a black woman, I was completely shocked...and immediately upset.

          No matter how good the food was, I can not go back to this place. Not when I can be lambasted for voicing valid concerns and have racist comments thrown about as if they were acceptable and commonplace.

          Bad form, Teak. For a family owned and run restaurant, you were completely awful.

          1. i enjoyed their burgers, and yup service is pretty slow/bad. its more of a pub than a gastro pub... go for the burgers!