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Sep 2, 2012 02:06 PM

What to eat in Moncton

Hey guys,
I'll be travelling to Moncton soon and wanted to know what and where I should eat, and why. Everything from coffee shops to restos to small grocers, stands, people, etc.

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  1. SEAFOOD !!!
    excellent seafood with no views: Windjammer at Beausejour Hotel (featuring100 km menu),
    Little Louis on Collishaw St. featuring oysters.
    Excellent pub food with street views and patios: Tide and Boar, St James Gate.
    Early Bird breakfasts where locals eat: Steve's Diner in Riverview, Jean's Restaurant on St. George and Mountain Rd., Hynes Restaurant on Mountain Rd.
    Coffee and pastry: Tony's on McLaughlin Dr., Coissant Soleil in Dieppe.

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      Thanks for this. Any producers that you enjoyed?

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        Les Gourmandes at 995 Main St is a family business that makes chocolates with interesting very delicious fillings. They also carry hand crafted cheeses produced in New Brunswick along with cheeses from around the globe. If you are interested in composing a cheese platter they can provide knowlegeable suggestions. They also have a cooler with interesting regional pates and meats ....these vary with the seasons, you could find duck or rabbit.
        They serve a daily sandwich special to eat in at one of their cafe tables, or wrapped to-go for your day of site seeing or travel.

        If you are in town on a Saturday, there are morning markets in downtown Moncton and Dieppe. You will find produce, meats, cheese, cider, seafood and baked goods from local producers, along with prepared food from the eclectic ethnic cooks in the area. Some vendors are at both markets!

        My favorites in Dieppe: handmade butter and Gouda, the selection of local oysters and mussels, warm gevulde koek from Nick the Baker, cider from La Fleur du Pommier, organic and free range eggs, poultry and meats, including sausages and pâtés from several farms, and a variety of breads......

        If you have time during the day you can contact to find info about the local apple u-picks. Several are located close to town and also have pears, crabapples and vegetables.

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          Simon, I enjoyed reading your 'Old Recipe Revival' article this morning in East Coast Living Magazine. Last fall, using the 'Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens' recipe as a guide I made rose hip jelly. The hips were foraged from one of the Petitcodiac Riverfront Parks. The parks are ripe for fruit foraging opportunities. In the areas where I walk there are, in addition to the roses, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, sumac, pin cherries, apples and crabapples.

      2. It's been years but there was an Indian restaurant on the main street that was much better than expected. Taj Mahal could be the name, yes just checked and the menu appears not to have changed either.

        Back in the 80's there was a restaurant atop the Brunswick Hotel which was the only place in Atlantic Canada that made an authentic Caesar Salad - fresh lemons, real bacon, raw eggs, capers ,anchovies, homeade croutons and heaps of garlic.. And a great French restaurant on the outskirts of town in an old house, the food was super - long gone I suppose.

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          We ate at Taj Mahal in September and we were very impressed. We found it better than most places in the Toronto area that we've tried. We ordered a variety of dishes and they were all very good, several were better than we've had before. We also loved the food, service and ambiance at Calactus Vegetarian Cafe even though we're not vegetarians. We will definitely return every time we are in the area. We didn't get a chance to try out the restaurant every local we spoke with highly recommended - Jean's Cafe. However, we intend to try Jean's next time too.