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Sep 2, 2012 01:19 PM

Where can I get really good chicken satay?

Willing to drive anywhere in West LA and in between from the SGV. Looking for something that hopefully isn't dry and interested in trying both white or dark meat variations if they are good. Also I'm not picky about whether it's Malaysian or Thai style but more options the better.

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  1. Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market. Thai kiosk. YUM! Their "coconut cakes" are really yasty as well.

      1. The Spice Table has very good satays in general, thoughI do not think I have sampled their chicken in specific. Perhaps another hound can chime in.

        1. The Saturday Indonesian gathering at the back part of the parking lot at the Duarte Inn in Duarte - about 11am to 2pm - has great chicken satay.

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            Ooh sounds like a nice underground hole in the way setup.

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              It's reasonably well known here, but there are very few non-Indonesians there when I go. There are usually five to seven warung set up with a variety of foods that you can order with rice off of the steam tables, or you can just see who has the grill set up and is doing satay. I can't recall the name of it, but the place that doesn't do pork satay has the chicken satay that I prefer. It's a lot of fun. Take the 210 Fwy east to Mountain Ave. Go north on Mountain to Foothill, turn right, Duarte Inn parking lot is about 1-1/2 blocks down on the right before you get to Buena Vista St. It's set up in back behind the hotel itself.

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                Thanks, I'm in Arcadia so it's somewhat close to me.