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Sep 2, 2012 12:55 PM

Mr. Villa - Lake City Way - Seattle

We've eaten here twice while visiting Seattle and love it! Except for the tortillas, everything is made from scratch. The tortillas used to be but the lady who made them moved back to Mexico to her former career as an accountant and they haven't been able to measure up to hers. Our server said at the end of the day, every pot in the kitchen is dirty :) The whole pinto beans, started from dried, are good enough to make a meal of. Some of the dishes four of us tried were two chicken enchiladas in mole sauce; got an A. Bob had a chile rilleno which he praised highly and he's a tough critic of those. Two tacos al pastor, two more thumbs up and I had two enchilladas, one chicken, one picadilla with a verde sauce that really packed a punch. I intende to work my way through this menu on subsequent visits. Suspect that there are no duds.

I don't believe we've eaten Mexican food in Seattle but this is as good as any we've had in SF or anywhere else. I'd go out of my way to eat here. There's also a parking lot. And they have live music certain nights. Family friendly and just a super, duper meal.

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  1. When I used to commute by Mr. Villa, I sometimes stopped just to pick up some tortillas to go. Four (or six?) of them fresh and warm cost as much as a plastic bag of 50 at the supermarket. But they were worth it.

    I'm sorry to hear they aren't making them any more.

    1. I used to live close & Mr. Villas definitely a neighborhood gem! Now I moved & still long to go back all the time

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        It's funny. When the "kids" moved from Ballard to here, I was surprised to find out how much tasty food there is.

      2. After a year a way, we went here tonight. SO good. We had a three dish combo. Enchilada with chicken, burrito with shredded beef and a chile relleno. All were excellent, as good as we remembered. Can't recommend it highly enough.

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          Welcome back to the Seattle area, c.oliver!

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            Thanks. One of fave food cities. Well, really, just one of fave cities period. The grandson helps :)