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Sep 2, 2012 12:35 PM

Help! Charlotte: Something chow worthy.? Anything around Sunset Rd & Route 77?

Last minute trip to the convention. A policy organization has reserved rooms at the Super 8, Sunset Road. Looks like chain food hell and barbecue (Bubba's, Sunset Soulfood, and Sunflower). Any thing else? If we have to choose BBQ, which?

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  1. Bubba's is good - we've had them cater events for us at work. (Full disclosure, it's been a few years since we've used them, which has more to do with our catering budget than with them.) Welcome to Charlotte!

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      Was really hoping for something else. :>(

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        You're not at a great exit for food. Bubba's is good and tends to be friendly to the public sector. Ethnic food is relatively nearby on Central, but that's going to be your closest non-chain, nonBBQ bet.

    2. You're not too far from NoDa, where there are several good options: Cabo Fish Taco, Crepe Cellar, Revolution Pizza, in addition to numerous good watering holes that serve some decent bar food. It's probably about a 15 minute drive from where you're staying.

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        Dolce Vita in NoDa has a kitchen now and is serving food. It's a great bar and small plates atmosphere w/ live music some nights.

        No trip to NoDa would be complete with out a driveby to Amelie's French Bakery. They are open 24 hrs a day and have a fun, quirky atmosphere and delicious French pastries, coffee, baked goods and soups, salads and sandwiches too.

        ickymettle's recs are all great.