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Sep 2, 2012 11:29 AM

Northern Indian Curry vs. Southern Indian Curry?

How does curry from Northern Inda differ from Southern?
Which do you prefer?
What are some types of curry that are served throughout India( both southern india and northern india) ?
Thank You!

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  1. You might get more traction out of a post on the General Topics board, as people here are generally discussion specific dishes/restaurants/cities.

    Also, search is your friend, check this older thread:

    Your use of the word "curry" is pretty problematic as Indian food in India isnt really ever described that way. Even dividing things broadly into northern and southern is a pretty blunt classification system, but generally you will find places serving all three types of indian food (northerns, souther, and chinese) in most parts of india. certain state-specific cuisinse can sometimes be found outside of their specific locales (imagine a southern - US that is - place in NYC).

    1. while curry is not the best way to look at this, as a generalisation it does work. North Indian curries & South Indian curries might have similar ingredients but the tastes can be extremely different. North has several styles of cooking, Dum, Punjabi or Mughlai, each with its own distinctions.
      South is even more varied with Andhra, Kannada, Malyali food.
      The North you will find kebabs, heavy Daals, complex gravies, in the south you will find simpler rasam's sambhars, coconut based dishes and lots of rice. Im being very general here of course.

      1. As a person from North Indian origin born raised in South India , I can say that North Indian curries use a lot of complex Spice powders. Wheras south Indian curries use a few spices, are generally Hot and most have Coconut base.
        They are as different as North and South poles.