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Sep 2, 2012 11:03 AM

Dinner tonight - Lower East Side

We'll be having dinner tonight with friends visting from Italy. They are staying in an apartment on the Lower East Side. One is a vegetarian. Two are teenagers. One is a meat and potatoes guy.

I'm hoping they'll have scoped out the neighborhood and have a place in mind but if they ask for suggestions, I'd like to be prepared.

No Italian food, please. I'm not sure what their opinion is of Chinese food but I'm expecting negativity.

Thank you all!

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    1. re: mitchleeny

      Thank you mitchleeny! I just checked out Schiller's menu and it looks perfect
      And the location is so convenient (the apartment they rented is on Orchard bet. Delancey and Rivington.
      I'll let you know if that's where we end up.
      Thank you again!!!!

      1. re: prio girl

        Sorry it took me so long to report back. They surprised me and chose 'inoteca. The 7 of us ate at a long table in the cantina (downstairs). Very good and everyone was pleased. The vegetarian had a beet and orange salad with a side of bruschetta.

        We're heading back into the city this afternoon and will probably have another dinner with them. I'll let you where we go.

        Thanks again for the excellent suggestions.

        1. re: prio girl

          We made it to Schiller's last night with our group visiting from Italy. The meal and service were excellent. The only negative would be that it was difficult to carry on a conversation over the noise level. Thanks for the suggestion, Mitchleeny.

          1. re: prio girl

            You're welcome. And yeah, Schiller's = noise. But wasn't 'inoteca noisy as well?

            1. re: mitchleeny

              'inoteca was nice and quiet because they put our group of 7 in the basement ;) - just kidding - we were in the Cantina, which made for a nice, comfortable arrangement for us. Thanks again to you and other CHs for the great suggestions.

              We just dropped our Italian visitors off at JFK - buon viaggio!

    2. Second Schiller's. Also Blue Ribbon Izakaya; Spitzer's; Cocoron.