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Sep 2, 2012 10:53 AM

Valley Fields on Lawrence

Any recent reviews? I know things are slow here but I'm planning to go tonight or tomorrow night and hope the prime rib is a "special".

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  1. I haven't been for dinner, only lunch/brunch. It's our go-to when Beau and I don't feel like making breakfast. I've seen the plates go by and certainly it looks and smells good.

    As with any restaurant, the rarer you like it the earlier you should show up. As well, the little touches you would expect from a fine dining establishment don't really happen at a family restaurant. If you have special requests, make them known. I don't fault them for the latter. They're just a casual little family restaurant with decent prices and reasonably satisfying comfort food. All in all, good value for the money.

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      We were there last night with some friends from out of town and it was just fine. Not a large crowd either which I like but I assume the owners don't. Staff were driving away and lights off inside before we got out of the parking lot. LOL

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        After moving to Don Mills and Lawrence from Yonge and Eg. I'm finding out there is no decent food out here.
        We went to Valley Fields on Sat. after reading a few posts. OMG,one of the worst meals I've ever had.
        I had chicken shish kebab and my husband had a corned beef sandwich with fries and coleslaw.
        Mine came glistening with oil covering everything.The roasted potatoes were rubbery and tasteless and the rice, oily and tasteless. Iceberg lettuce for the greek salad with the same oily dressing with 2 slices of pink tomatoes.. The chicken was the worst. Never cooked on a skewer they were thin flattened pieces of overcooked dry chicken cooked on the grill.Even the garlic bread was cooked on their greasy grill.
        My husbands bread came toasted[who toasts a corned beef sandwich?] and was soaked with oil from the coleslaw beside it.
        NEVER again!!!!!! $40 for garbage food.

        1. re: wylie1

          What places did you frequent in the Yonge/Eg area?

          1. re: Googs

            I realize the Don Mills area is not Yonge and Eg. as every second store on Yonge is a restaurant. But there are tons of apts. here and it's a big residential area so I'm surprised in the lack of eateries.We don't drive so I guess this is going to be a problem.
            We frequented Grazies[excellent food and service], Mai Thai,The Good Bite[a great greasy spoon but not greasy]
            Green Papaya,Gourmet Burger, Bamburger[the best burgers and fries],Hannah's Kitchen,Latte,good veal sandwiches , omelet's and lattes, Pickle Barrel[not great but okay], Ho Shin, Classico Pizza,excellent and a far cry from Pizza Pizza in the mall here.Also Jerusalem's which was a short bus ride and they they sure know how make a shish kebab plate.Also the Olde Yorke fish and chips is great.Edited to add Churrasco's and Amore's.
            I guess when we want to go out to eat on the weekends we will have to head back west.

          2. re: wylie1

            I was there about 10 days ago and had a completely different experience. We had a great Clubhouse and fries and a Rueben sandwich and the only critique was that there was too much food. I still think they have raised their prices but if you don't like Valley fields you better have a car.

            1. re: Herne

              I'm glad you did not have the same bad experience as we did.
              Honestly my husband is not as picky as me and he kept talking about it all night.

            2. re: wylie1

              I've only ever gone to Valley Fields for breakfast, so have no comparison. But if you want shish kebabs, I would suggest going to Bamiyan Kabob near Don Mills and Overlea. Their kebabs are great.

              There are a few good places to eat in this area - what sort of cuisine do you prefer?

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                pakmode, in order to preserve the Valley Fields post, I've created a help zone for Wylie1 here: