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Sep 2, 2012 09:33 AM

Portland restaurant suggestions?

Heading to Porltand and need help to select one to two restaurants in the city as I'm having a hard time as there are so many great ones! Here are my guidelines. Hope you can help me.

- Food that is creative, modern, interesting, unique, which usually means a passionate talented chef

- Not a fan of just traditional French cuisine; French-inspired is fine or fusion with another cuisine or element or techniques

- Must be vegetarian friendly and have good veg options, or even a vegetarian tasting menu would be ideal. My partner is vegetarian and I am not but interested too in the veg offerings. Please note that we're not looking for vegetarian/vegan restaurants but those that are vegetarian friendly.

-Would prefer a tasting menu but not essential

- Prefer something with more veg, fish/seafood than meat, but fine as long as they have veg options

- Prefer to make reservations

- Local seasonal fresh produce, but I see that's the standard in Portland!

- Great local wine list, and pairings with the tasting menu if they have one

- Gourmet dining but friendly, not pretentious or conservative

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  1. Check out the menu's at Castagna, OX, Noisette, Metrovino, Ned Ludd, Genoa, Roe in back of Wafu(just opening), and Riffle

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    1. Natural Selection is a vegetarian tasting menu with wine pairings offered. They are all vegetarian though. No meat.

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        Made a reservation there, looks great, thanks.