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Sep 2, 2012 07:47 AM


I've bought a couple of Groupon-type deals -- merchandise and services -- and generally they were good experiences. I'm curious about the deals to be had a restaurants but have been averse to pressing the button as my sense is either the food or service will be lacking -- you get what you pay for.

Ideally, I'd use the deal as an intro to a place and I'd be a returning customer paying full price. Or, I'd buy it for a restaurant I normally frequent as my own loyalty reward (this is a strategy Zane Caplansky uses.) But I can see how showing up with a coupon would be met with lacking reception or kids' sized portions.

Tell me your good and not good experiences...

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  1. With "nice" Toronto restaurants you do not get what you pay for. Most of the time you get a lot less.
    I do not show the coupon until I ask for the bill.
    My success rate with a coupon is about the same as my succerss rate without a coupon. I would be released if I were a baseball player.
    At least tried the place at a discount.
    Often I wouldn't go back even with another coupon, even if the coupon were free.
    You know the joke, frst prize, is x; second is 2 times x. The place isn't worth the calories and the cost of parking. Once in a while there is a real loser that infuriates. Then I complain to the coupon company.
    Sometimes they give me a refund.

    So the coupon is a good deal.

    But your tastes are different than mine. You have gone more than once to Capalnsky's and for reasons other than morbid fascination.

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