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Sep 2, 2012 07:15 AM

Liqueurs Saint Germain and Domain de Canton?

These liquors are quite pricey in the US, and I'm thinking that they may be a good thing to bring back duty free at the end of our trip to France. Here, they each cost approx. $38 for a 750 ml bottle. Has anyone seen them at the duty free shops at the airport, or in shops in Paris? How are the prices in FRance for these treats?

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  1. May I suggest you bring back Amer Picon, which you can't get in the US. And maybe some Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal, rather than shave a few bucks off something you can easily get in the US? Some some Dupont Calvados expressions that aren't exported?

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      Do you know if I'm I safe waiting until I get to CDG Airport to buy Picon? I'd like to buy a few bottles to take home to my French friends in Chicago, and Duty Free would be easier than buying in Paris.


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        Sorry, but I have no travel tips for when / where to buy. Perhaps someone else can help?

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          I've started a similar thread, Madcarp, and would be pleased to hear what you return with and where you acquired it.

      2. I actually just purchased about $300 worth of liquor from the duty-free at Charles De Gaulle airport and St Germain, I noticed, was not much cheaper. Same with Champagne. Chartreuse, on the other hand, was significantly cheaper and I purchased several bottles. It's about $70/bottle here and it was only 33 euro at duty-free. The prices do change, and vary from airport to airport, so just take a look when you leave France.

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            I agree with Murph - airport duty free shops are often more expensive than local stores like Carrefour. About the only duty free shops where you save money cater to cars and ships.

        1. I've gotten St. Germain for 37? dollars in the U.S., if memory serves.

          1. Are those products even available in Europe? I know they're made in France, but by an American company and, I thought, for the American market. That said their might be other Elderflower and ginger liqueurs available that don't ever get exported,