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Sep 2, 2012 04:57 AM

Europe- Hungarian -Groupon-$20 for $40 EEGEN! EEGEN! - Bathurst and Lawrence

I was a habitue of the late lamented , Nick and Leslie on Queen St.
Roast staffed chicken was my favourite.

My criticism of Europe is there is too much food. I can't believe that I am writing this.

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  1. so does that mean that the food is no good at this place?

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    1. re: youdonut

      The food is excellent. However, its very heavy - you won't have to eat for a week. Cute, clean place decorated with all kinds of little tacky knik-knaks - its like having dinner in your grandparent's basement. Staff is extremely efficient. Love their cucumber salad and chicken schnitzel with dumplings. (I bring home half for the next day). And their apple fritters are good too. (note: I don't know why the Groupon deal says it is Lawrence-Englemount, because its one block south of Lawrence on the west side of Bathurst - beside the infamous Harold the Jewellery buyer)

      1. re: barneyvernon

        What do u recommend? Wooden board for two?