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Sep 1, 2012 11:14 PM

Three thousand people in two days

Was chatting with the manager of the new Popeye's in Lansdale on saturday night. He says they had three thousand people there over the course of friday and saturday.
John and I went there on friday and almost missed our tourney, the place was mobbed. I hadn't had red beans and rice since the Popeyes in Plymouth Meeting mall closed. I really missed them! John liked the chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp and slaw, and I went with three whole chicken wings. Everything was delicious, of course we knew we would love the biscuits. Customers and employees alike were upbeat and friendly.
Went back again today and tried the creole rice, mac and cheese, fries and mashed potatoes and gravy. I especially enjoyed the creole rice. so nice to have tasty options besides fries. The hot and sweet and ranch dipping sauces were yummy as well. But those red beans and rice are addicting. Fast food comfort food. Looks like Lansdale is loving their brand new Popeyes!

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  1. My, that's good news.

    Once I entertained the thoughts of working for Popeyes part-time just to have access to freshly fried drumsticks and wings. To me, a skin-covered piece of chicken just out of the hot fryer and a bite of pickled jalapeno pepper will send me quickly to my happy space.

    3 thousand people in 2 days? It means no stale chicken. I will have to visit (1719 S. Broad Street, Lansdale), soon.

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      The chicken is not greasy and fresh. The staff is somehow upbeat and cheery despite the rentless assault. If I worked there the biscuits would be my downfall. Used to go to Red Lobster just for the endless garlic biscuits and get at least half of my entree boxed up because I'd be stuffed.

    2. The chicken was hot and fresh. They are still super busy though! Word of advice, check your order before you leave. The busyness can result in missed items... In my case, Mac and cheese was left out, but i hadn't left the store yet so was able to go get it.