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Sep 1, 2012 10:31 PM

culinary black hole in paris?

hello all,

I've done a fair amount of research on here (and elsewhere) but I'm staying near Place Bourg-Tibourg and I'm just not finding any recommendations for places to eat near here. I realize there are many places within easy walking distance, (and I look forward to trying some of them) and yet nothing within just a few blocks ...maybe within 1/2 mile... closest is maybe Cafe des Musées,

Ate at a pretty disappointing place last night I must say... Le Chant des Voyelles ... I kept hearing chowhounds berating me for just blindly stopping somewhere and maybe I shouldn't be surprised that the tomatoes on the salad were mealy or the frites were probably frozen and thick-cut, etc. (The half-melon with port was nice enough.)

We had 2 entrees and shared a plat and had a half bottle/carafe of wine for about 40 euro. Please tell me I can do better!

We do our big 3star splurge on Tuesday, but it would be nice to find places similarly priced that disappointed less.

If I've missed a relevant discussion thread, I apologize. Thanks for the help!

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  1. You should head south to the other side of the rue de Rivoli. The rue François-Miron has a cluster of winners like Pamelo Popo (trendy and recently reviewed on Chowhound), Au Bourguignon du Marais (trad and touristy in a good way), Don Giovanni (Italian), and Autour du Saumon (vaguely Scandinavien) but a few stinkers too like the Mexican joint. The rue Jouy has a couple of very trendy restos ... my favourite is Métropolitain (recently reviewed on Chowhound). On the rue Charlemagne, Bistrot des Compères and Cru.

    The Marais/ 4th north of the rue de Rivoli is awash with tourists and suburbanites and therefore not really good eating territory. There are a few arguable exceptions like Le Hangar on the impasse Berthaud off the rue Beaubourg... but be prepared for some Chowhounders to disagree with this recommendation. Prospects brighten significantly in the 3rd.

    For a good "affordable" meal (with a glass or two of wine) in your area, I think you'll have to raise your budget to 50€.

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      !st Lecture #78 of mine: There's no restaurant unreachable in 30-45 minutes by Metro; I understand your wish to find good food in the nabe but the Marais is indeed a challenge.

      That said, a couple of thoughts: Le Gaigne, Claude Colliot, Cru, Pamela Popo as Parnassien suggests or across the river to say Reminet or Terroir Parisien or across the Beauboug/Halles DMZ to where I ate yesterday - Pirouette and not that far Spring, Regalade and the world opens.

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        Parnassien & John Talbott-- Thanks so much! I was very happy to see your responses since you are the two people on this post I have tried to take notes from the most anyway! ... I happened to walk François-Miron vicinity this am and saw Pamela Popo and then a few minutes later Métropolitain ... I did not know of these and now thanks to your advice I now know happy the options nearby have expanded for us (although it kills me that the multiple restaurants that are mere steps away are not worth the time) ... I appreciate all the recommendations and Parnassien I can live with the increase in budget ... I also appreciate your putting this area into context - I figured there were tourists aplenty but didn't quite realize that all the people speaking French might be from the 'burbs ... John Talbot 'DMZ' very funny ... and I am definitely not against traveling to dinner, it's just nice to know what options are nearby for those days when it makes sense to eat near 'home' ... Again thanks, and I'll keep you posted

    2. Quite near you are:
      - Robert et Louise, a carnivore's bistro, 5 min walk from place du Bourg Tibourg according to Google Map
      - the wine bar La Tartine, not for a full meal, but a plate of charcuterie and cheeses with a glass of good wine should be just the right thing between two major restaurant meals, 4 min walk.
      - Lunch options include various lunch stalls in the marché Enfants Rouges (13 min walk), and Angéla's great Banh Mi on 7 rue Volta (14 min walk).

      Or have you already come across these recommendations on this board on your "fair amount of research here" and did not like them?

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        Thank you, I did not know these places and actually very happy about the La Tartine suggestion because I definitely want to continue to build a list of wine bars nearby for that 'little nosh' ... If I knew about Robert et Louise I may have kept it off my list since my partner is not much of a carnivore .... not a vegetarian either, but he tends to grumble if the scales are tipped too far in the red meat direction .... the other places, while I either have them on my list or will add them (actually I've got a Googlemap going) are farther away then what I was looking for ... again, I'm not saying I only want to eat at places 10 min away or less... that's just dumb ... but it is nice to know what options I have very close at hand ... especially if I can avoid experiences like last night's dinner ... Again, thanks!