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Sep 1, 2012 06:59 PM

Pie and raw eggs and freezing

I just made a key lime pie. It baked for 18 minutes. Temperature didn't get to 160. Do I need to be concerned about serving this to children? I don't really want to bake it longer, because the crust is already too dark for my liking. Also, I'm planning (once it's cold) in covering it in a key lime mousse (key lime curd mixed with whipped cream) and then a thin layer of whipped cream. Can I freeze the whole deal? tia

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  1. Kids eat raw cookie dough all the time.

    My nephew practically grew up on that stuff. And last I checked, he was very much alive.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      You're right, of course. And goodness knows we get raw eggs in salad dressings and desserts when we eat out, and don't give it a second thought.

    2. I can't comment on whether to serve this pie to children, but will comment on freezing it. The pie will freeze fine, but consider adding the final thin topping layer of whipped cream only when you are ready to serve it. Whipped cream takes so little time and effort to make, and IMHO it is always better fresh.

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        You're right. I'll do the whipped cream last minute. Thanks.

      2. I use raw eggs all the time. I do not serve them to the VERY elderly or those who are already immuno-compromised. Having said that, I make a version of Key Lime Pie and a pinepapple dessert that call for NO cooking, just quicke whip up and straight into fridge.

        I. have never had a problem and, in fact, am well-regarded for my ice creams which I make the Ben and Jerry Cookbook way...that is with a raw egg, sugar and cream base, skipping the custard is a superior result, IMHO.

        I do think keeping anything you make with eggs, raw or otherwise, VERY well chilled is vital.

        I should add that I do live in a rural environment and I only buy eggs from a source that I know. I am not sure I would be quite so cavalier if I had to buy supermarket eggs from a source I did not know. Salmonella poison is very nasty indeed.