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Sep 1, 2012 06:11 PM

Will on East Passyunk-any tips?

Going Friday-any experience?

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  1. Get the rabbit rillette, it's great, definitely the best thing I ate there. The pork belly was very good, cooked perfectly, the fat was totally smooth and I really liked the purple mustard with it. I liked the desserts a lot too, I had the pistachio torte and it's served with some dehydrated raspberries, those were a nice surprise.

    1. Everything is wonderful. I particularly loved the corn veloute.

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        Is there any website where we can get more details - hours, menu, etc.?

      2. I was back at Will recently and it was very good again, overall I liked my first meal better (mainly thanks to that rabbit rillette, which is still on the menu) but had a dessert this time that was really fantastic, a pot de creme with a walnut streusel, salted caramel gelee and green cardamom involved somehow. If it's on the dessert menu, GET IT. It's one of the best desserts I've had in a long time.

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            would you choose Will over Fond? I'm debating where to go and am torn. Will's current menu looks more interesting to me (possibly because it just sounds more creative), but I haven't been back to Fond in a while and have been meaning to go.

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              It's pretty close, I'd be happy to eat at either of them. I think that if I average all the meals I've had at Fond and now the two that I've had at Will, Fond has been better for longer, but it's close. The impressive thing about Will is that it's only been open a few weeks and it's been very good right out of the gate. I remember going to Fond when it first opened and liking it a lot but it was a while before I felt I had to go back. Of course that isn't the case now, it's my favorite restaurant on the Avenue. I think Will and Stateside are probably tied for #2 just a hair below Fond. So I'd go to Fond.

              One thing I'm not crazy about at Will is the plating, every dish has what seems to me to be too many elements put there for looks rather than flavor: pretty leaves, flower petals, etc. Look at the Gallery on their site and you'll see what I mean. I hope they tone that down over time but I realize that's my personal preference and some people really like that style. On the other hand, in that dessert I mentioned, there was nothing extraneous in the dish at all and it was stupendous, as good as any dessert I've had at Fond, where I *love* the desserts.

              One thing for you to consider is that Fond is going to be moving to a new space in the near-ish future and is getting a liquor license, so this may be your last chance to go there in its current form (and while it's still BYO). If you do, get the tuna tartare appetizer, it's great.