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Sep 1, 2012 04:59 PM

Looking for a non-dairy fat other than earth balance for frosting

we made a non-dairy frosting with earth balance and i wasn't too pleased with the results. i found the mouth feel to be too greasy. kind of greasy you can't wash off even with detergent kind of grease.

does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks. i was thinking coconut oil but i've had epic fails with it before.

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  1. If you live in Canada there is both a vegan Becel and a President's Choice vegan celeb margarine that I have had good success with. I have more experience with the President's Choice one, I have made numerous icings with it for my nephew. You can also use a product called Tofutti which is a tofu cream cheese. While not exactly a cream cheese icing, it made a decent facsimile when I used it with President's Choice. It might help correct the problems you had with Earth Balance and is available in the US

    1. I would try coconut oil, I use it successfully in a lot of things. What problem are you having with it?

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          i used this recipe and it never came together. tasted amazing but didn't whip up.

        2. Did you want a buttercream? You could do a 7 minute frosting, if not.

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            well, sadly i can't do any kind of egg whites either. it just needs to be vegan.

          2. Try Fleischmans Margerine non dairy. parve. Or you could try something like tofutti.

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              do you think it would be any different than earth balance?

            2. I haven't tried this, but it looks kind of interesting--just coconut milk, no oil or margarine: