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Sep 1, 2012 03:05 PM

Charlotte for the Convention.

We'll be in Charlotte for the Convention. We'll be staying in Gastonia. Any suggestions especially regional specialties would be appreciated. Not really interested in Italian, seafood or Asian.

Thanks in advance Toby1355

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  1. Where are you looking for suggestions? Gastonia? Charlotte? Uptown?

    I'm sure Uptown will be a mob scene. Everything will be packed, and you'll probably wind up getting something where ever you can. Halcyon, 5Church, The Kings Kitchen, Roosters and Harvest Moon Grille are all good. Do a search an you'll find lots of Charlotte suggestions.

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      If you go to Tony's in Gastonia, make sure you get a milkshake. They do a fine one, packed with ice cream. And if you want a Carolina specialty, get a chili dog with slaw. Or stop by Byrum's Grocery & Grill on the outskirts of Belmont. It's a sweet little meat-and-three that also serves breakfast. Nana Byrum, the owner, makes wonderful small tarts with scratch crusts. It's right next door to Twin Tops fish camp.

    2. Closer to your hotel, there's a cute little market/deli/restaurant in "downtown" Belmont (you'll pass the exit on your way in to CLT). The String Bean Market.

      1. You can always head about 30 minutes down the road to Shelby and Bridges BBQ. It's a straight shot down 74. They're a great example of Western NC style.

        1. It makes a big difference if you want somewhere in Gastonia or Charlotte. There are endless recommendations for Charlotte here on the board.

          In Gastonia, if you really want a regional specialty go to Twin Tops Fish Camp. Or any other restaurant with "fish camp" on the sign. And order salt and pepper catfish, whole. This would be a small whole catfish breaded and fried and it is delicious. You'll also probably get endless hushpuppies and other sides adding up to way more food than one you need.

          Some locals may try to send you to RO's barbecue. Not many outside of Gaston county like it so I would skip it. You should however go to Tony's Ice Cream. Their ice cream (homemade) is great. This is not gelato or anything fancy, it is old-fashioned ice cream. They also have grilled pimento cheese sandwiches if you're curious about such things, although you could get a better one in Charlotte.

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            The grape ice cream at Tony's is famous locally although, I have to admit, I don't really care for it. It tastes like grape KoolAid ice cream. The other flavors, however, are great.

          2. As disappointed as I know many people are to learn that Thursday night's acceptance speech will now take place in the arena as opposed to the stadium, this could be a great thing for the Charlotte restaurant scene. It means many, many thousands of out of town visitors who planned on begin in the stadium all day and night will now be looking for somewhere to go/eat/shop on Thursday.

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            1. re: southernitalian

              Actually, I'm one of those left in the lurch. Need suggestions for today in Charlotte. Ate at Kings Kitchen last nite and had Dan the Pig man for lunch. Have looked at 5church for tonite. But would like add'l options. Taking the lite rail into town so will not have wheels there; thus uptown is where we'll be. Also, will be looking at Halcyon and Harvest moon Grill. Any suggestions welcome

              Thanks, again , in advance Toby1355

              1. re: mtobias1355

                All those are good, plus Malabar for tapas/spanish, Roosters, E2.

                1. re: mtobias1355

                  I vote for Halcyon... hahaha, get it? Okay, that was corny. Ha. Halcyon, on the other hand, is not corny is damned good food and cocktails with a nice view too. A great way to end your DNC experience.

                  I love Dan the Pig Man!