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Sep 1, 2012 02:07 PM

Suggest gift certificates and dollar amount for New Orleans honeymoon?

I'm sending a wedding gift, but want to include some not-too-expensive gift certificates for beignets, a French Quarter restaurant, tours, or other touristy items.

I would appreciate suggestions for gift certificates and for what dollar amount. They are in their late 20s, like rock climbing, music, bicycling, and cooking.


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  1. My husband and I had breakfast at Cafe Beignet for about $10, take out, no drinks. The beignets were awesome, best I'd ever had. He had a breakfast sandwich that he thought was delicious. We had lunch at Mr. B's for about $60 which is very reasonable. He had three drinks, I had one. For Galatoire's, our lunch is usually about $200. Dinner at August $350. Mr. B's is about our favorite for the bbq shrimp and it ends up being a bargain compared to some of the other places we visit for a meal.

    Have they been to NO before? Do they have favorite restaurants there? If someone handed me a handful of assorted giftcards for NO, they would likely not get used because I make my plans for each meal ahead of time. So many great places to eat, so little time.

    I would just think about an American Express giftcard where they could use it at their own discretion instead of them having to plan a trip around gift cards. That might be a bit overwhelming having to run from one place to the next and they might leave having not used them all.

    I don't think there would be a lot of rock climbing in southern Louisiana. :-)

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      Thanks so much. All good suggestions, especially the American Express card. I want to visit the places you mentioned myself.
      Of course, you are right about rock climbing in Louisiana. They are from Kansas where's it's pretty flat but near enough to the Ozarks. I think some Kansas grain elevators were converted to climbing walls.

    2. The "chain" restaurants have gift cards that can be used at any of their sites. Go to the main web sites for Emeril, John Besh or Susan Spicer and I'm sure you will find gift cards. I've gotten cards from both Emeril's Home Base and John Besh.

      It will take at least $20 to help toward a lunch and $50 toward a dinner.

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        I'm thinking $50 for lunch, at least $100 toward dinner. Agree with Amex, let the choice be theirs.