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Sep 1, 2012 01:08 PM

Looking for some good sit down restaurants close to Culver City

I have my mother and 15 year old brother coming into town this weekend. I am trying to find a few good restaurants for dinner/lunch that are around the Culver City area. However, I am completely willing to venture out to Westwood, Brentwood, Venice, or Santa Monica if they place is great.

The ideal would be a sit down restaurant which is casual attire appropriate. My brother is good about being trying things but I'm trying to find a place that still has some good basic fall back options for the reluctant eater. Pretty much a quieter restaurant with good food and good service would fit the bill. Cuisine wise, I am looking more on the Italian, America, French, or south of the Border. I try to stay away from Indian, Thai and the like when they come in.

Price range is on the moderate but nice end.

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  1. For French in Culver City I like Meet, a small and casual bistro (great mussels and frites). When it comes to solid Italian, also in a casual setting then Brunello's would be a good Culver City centric place (last time I had one of their Wednesday specials - Paccheri all’Aragosta $13.95 flat rigatoni with fresh tomatoes, hot pepper, lobster meat and a touch of cream - and it was very good). Finally for south of the border, also Culver City centric, Gloria's Cafe for both good Salvadoran and Mexican fare all served up in a family run restaurant (I really love their carne adobada). All these are very casual in terms of dress and are not at all expensive.

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      I was hoping more of the experts would join in, but since it's getting late in the weekend I decided to throw in my 2 cents. Although Gloria's Cafe is okay and the owner and her 2 sons are extremely nice I would suggest the somewhat lower key E K Valley located about 2 blocks west of Brunello's. It's owned by a couple from Oaxaca who makes very good Oaxacan food. Like Servorg said, Gloria's does Salvadoran and Mexican food. I've had the barbacoa taco (which is very bog) and the mole chicken at E K and it's pretty good to my unsophisticated taste buds. Had a few other meals there, but I like those 2 meals quite a bit. Dommy has mentioned E K's tlayuda and I saw her picture of it (somewhere, can't find it now doggone it). It looked great.
      I think both E K and Gloria's close around 9 pm tonight. I'd call E K's if you're going to cut it close. They've told me they sometimes shut down a little bit early if it's slow.