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Sep 1, 2012 10:29 AM

Restaurant suggestions for Rome trip in September with party of 8 people?

This is my first chowhound post!

In two weeks, I am going to Rome with 2 other couples, and meeting an Italian couple there.
My husband's a chef in Chicago so we have received a ton of suggestions. The issue is our party will be 8 each night, we would like to eat outside when possible, and one of our party is a vegetarian who likes simply prepared food. High end gourmet is out. And we like to have a good time (translation: we can be loud in a party of 8). We are staying in Piazza del Popolo.

I was thinking (Piperno or Pierluigi), Antica Pesa, and Santa Lucia.

What are some other suggestions given the large party?

Other places I was interested in are: Le Mani in Pasta, La Gensola, Roscioli for lunch....

Thanks everyone!

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  1. PierLuigi is a personal favorite. It is in a very pretty piazza and the food and service are excellent.

    I am still thinking about a raw fish (crudo) appetizer I had a Gensola months ago...outstanding fishy spot.

    1. How loud? I try to mind my manners at Piperno, but in the same neighborhood I wouldn't worry about cutting up at Giggetto. I think that trio is a little precious for what you want. Your second group of three might be better, though I'll defer to Roscioli regulars on that. Pierluigi is lovely outdoors, if your veggie eats seafood.

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        Pierluigi is perfect for your group. Great food, beautiful setting and wonderful service.

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          You know, lunch at Roscioli could work for a party of eight with a few caveats: reserve and confirm; insist on a table in the back room, not the dungeon downstairs. The front of the house is a deli with two-tops: great if you know what the place is all about, possibly disconcerting/disappointing if you don't.

          The food there can be quite good, the wine selection is wonderful. It's cramped, crowded and noisy but it does have its charm. Give it a shot. I'm a frequent visitor.

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            Pierluigi has a vegetarian menu online circa 2009


            Maybe a call to the restaurant to see if they are still offering something like it? They speak perfect English there.

            I think your party of 8 is going to need to have on hand a list of good places near piazza del Popolo. It might be hard to get everyone in the mood to schlepp all the way across town for evening meals more than once if they become footsore from sightseeing all day. I've heard nice things about Babette, which lists some cheesy entres for vegetarians (as well as enervated turkey breast for the curious).


          2. Roscioli won't work for 8 except in the cellar and you have to want that

            1. I was in Rome recently with my family of four (including 2 kids - 11 + 14) and while we didn't do a lot of innovative or high end places, we managed to get to La Gensola and it was terrific. I highly recommend the spigola ceviche to start - lemony, herbacous and oily - in a good way. Delicious meal and nice service. The bread basket was the best that we had in Rome as well.

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                Thanks everyone. Good points all around. I would love some suggestions for Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Step restaurants to have on hand in case we are weary!

                I will post reviews when I return and might try to sneak in one night with just my husband at La Gensola.

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                  We had a group of 8 last year in June and had great meals at Piperno (outside), Roscioli (back room, not downstairs), Dal Bolognese (outside) and Le Sorelle (inside, at Via Belsiana 30, near Spanish Steps).

                  We also had a nice casual lunch at Trattoria Otello alla Concordia (at Via della Croce, 81, near the Spanish Steps).

              2. Piperno and Pierluigi would be my first choices, so you've got those!

                I also like Gigetto, as do most people I send there.

                Near the Spanish steps is Matricianella, on Via del Leone. They have a small outdoor space. Not sure if you could all fit here, but it's a good choice for that neighborhood anyway. Great misto fritto.

                Osteria 'Gusto (not the pizzeria, and not the restaurant) on Via delle Frezze might be a good choice. They also have tables outside, but the inside is nice too. Not far from where you are staying. Stick with the pastas and you'll love it.

                If you feel like pizza one night there is Pizzaria Leoncino, on Via del Leoncino. Their speciality is a bean, sausage and onion pizza.

                If you feel like heading over to Testaccio, Flavio Velavevodetto is always good for a big group, and has outdoor seating.