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Sep 1, 2012 09:23 AM

Galley Beach on Nantucket

This review earns 4 stars for the great hostess, the amazing setting, the lovely rest rooms and my lovely Cobb Salad. The server was very nice but over extended. The bread was stale. We asked for more and the second basket was the same so we assumed that the bread turned that way due to the beachfront location. Mom liked her panini but found it quite dry. My daughter did not love her Caesar Salad as the dressing was odd. She is a Caesar Salad aficiando so knows her salad. Oh, the setting, MAGICAL. I wish we had been offered a table outside. Very cool and chic. Pricey for sure. Our bill for two salads, one Amstel and a Panini was 75+.

I had reserved a table a week ago and asked for the best table with water views. Sadly, we were seated inside. If you go, ask for a high top or standard table under the shade ...fabulous views...

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