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Sep 1, 2012 09:07 AM

your favorite place for korean stews in Queens...

soups like gamja tang, kalbi tang, joegae tang, ox tang, etc

no soondubu places please

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  1. i would love to hear some responses. sik gaek woodside?

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    1. re: AubWah

      I'd like to add kimchi jjigae to the list, if I may

      1. re: AubWah

        i personally think those seafood soup dishes in sik gaek is not good at all because everything gets over cook and becomes a big mess. All the seafood turns in to rubber.

          1. re: AubWah

            at the moment its still Chung Ki Wa Restaurant in jackson heights, because its close to where i live and they at least 1/3 more sides then most places

              1. re: AubWah

                Yook Gae Jang or kalbi tang. But i normally get Yook Gae Jang.

          2. re: woodside11377

            Absolutely with you on that one! We had the seafood with noodles pot and it was gritty, rubbery, and fishy(not in a good way). Don't even go near the raw oysters. It is the foulest one I've had to date. The meat dishes fared better.

        1. Cana Restaurant in Bayside is the best place I have been to.
          212-30 48th Ave.

          1. For kamja tang best we've had - deeply flavorful broth - is at Geosigi on the north side of Northern Blvd near 152nd St. Nice people too.

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            1. re: burton

              Also very impressed with the samgyetang at Bangane (not to mention some of the best kimchi found anywhere in the area). North side of Northern near 165 St.

              1. re: burton

                what about their goat dishes, never went there because some of my friends don't eat goat or lamb... the dish you mention is the chicken ginseng soup right?

                1. re: woodside11377

                  Yes that's it. Mild tasting but extremely satisfying. (And I'll add their goat specialty is pretty great.)

                  1. re: burton

                    I had bangane last week and i didn't like the 3 course goat meat. The first course with the cooked goat meat was alright, then the soup course i didn't enjoy at all because they used a leaf that was too aromatic for me... and same goes for the fried rice the put those floral leaves in there again and that wasn't good...

                    ***warning to any non koreans that goes there, the 3 course meal listed minimum 2 orders; it means minimum 2 pounds of goat meat. Our waiter spoke little english, so we ended up ordering double the meal(4lbs of Goat)

                    1. re: woodside11377

                      From the sound of your report it might be best to steer clear of the more traditional Korean places in the future. Never know when you might be confronted with aromatic leaves, limited English etc.