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Sep 1, 2012 09:02 AM

Sao Paulo - Chef Alex Atala

Has anybody eaten at Chef Alex Atala´s Michelin Star restaurant with the stunning Jaguar Bronze statue upon entrance or his 2nd venue which speclalises in the fusion of indigenious Brazilian ingredients combined with Brazilian and international ingredients ?

Another Sao Paulo stronghold is Rubaiyat, owned by a Waygu Beef Cattle Rancher, winemaker and restaurateur from Galicia, Spain Belarmino Fernandez Iglesias.

Would be quite interested in your views.

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  1. Are you talking about D.O.M. or the rencently opened Dalva e Dito? I have been to D.O.M., but long time ago so not sure how the restaurant is nowadays after all the hype it has received. When I went it was a very good experience but not really out of this world.... It was very expensive, even taking in consideration that the dollar was very strong at the time. I don't really remember what I ate, hope you can get a more up to date opinion.
    Dalva e Dito looks quite good judging by the menu on their website and I think it is not as expensive as D.O.M.

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      Thank you very much for your contribution and feedback. Appreciate it.

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        Last time I went to D.O.M. was 6 months ago, but it was with some colleagues in a business meal and it was a pre-set lunch with duck confit and cavaquinha (brazilian seafood related to lobster), which was delicious. The prices are very high. A friend went a month ago and had the vegetarian tasting menu and he was mesmerized by it.
        Dalva e Dito has more reasonable prices. Last time I went was like 2 months ago, I had the lamb (which is good, but generally in Europe or USA lamb dishes are better), my companion had the chicken and a friend had the oxtail which he said was excellent. Its fish and shrimp moqueca is OK, I have eaten in better places. The snacks are good, although you can find them in bars around town with cheaper prices and sometimes more tasteful.
        Both are worth checking, although for D.O.M., you must be prepared to spend.
        A Figueira Rubayat is fantastic for the setting and the food is excellent. I am not a big fan of feijoada, but my friends and parents like it there, considering it a little better than Figueira Rubayat, from the same group.
        Best regards.

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          Ffrom Sao Paulo,

          Thanks for your feedback and contribution.

          Best regards.

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            I meant Figueira's feijoada is slightly better than Baby Beef Rubayat's one

      2. I've been to D.O.M recently and it was great, althouth the prices are a little bit too high even for Sao Paulo patterns. Still I would say it worthed it.

        I'm not a big fan of Rubaiyat, though. Very good ingredients, but recipes are not that impressive considering the price charged.