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Sep 1, 2012 09:02 AM

Montauk Food

We're heading out to Montauk in about a week - it's been 5 years since we've been there and many new places have opened (and closed) since then.

South Edison, Bliss Kitchen, The Coast, to name a few that sound interesting.

Liked: Dave's Grille, Shagwong, Fishbar, and East by Northeast - Anthony's or Joni's for breakfast.

Any recommendations on new places would be greatly appreciated - don't trust Yelp or Tripadvisor on serious food matters.


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  1. We are also heading out for the first time from the West Coast. We would love any suggestions. I was thinking about Harvest but on Yelp( I know! I know!) they've gotten some meh reviews lately.
    Also thinking about Dave's Grille and Duryeas.

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      Harvest was just OK for us - the 1 dish serves 2 policy was not for us - but I've heard that they now have a separate menu for single selections - but would not go back based upon previous visit - food was too heavy on cream and cheeses, but that was 5 years ago - things change. Location a big plus.

      Dave's is terrific - just know that the reservation policy is same day/call at 4:15PM. It's worth the hassle - great, fresh fish and veggie cuisine.

      Never been to Duryeas.

      1. re: frk040

        Here's our restaurant rundown: we did love Harvest. I think the family style portion thing is really silly though and limits what you can try. Apparently they do offer single size portions but in the off season, whenever that starts. The setting is lovely and we ended up going there twice. Pasta lobster dish once and then pizza. Both were excellent. A proscuitto/caprese appetizer had some of the best proscuitto we've ever had.

        First night there we just went to Shagwongs, a funky local place, but the food was good and the prices were reasonable for Montauk (Yikes with the prices in Montauk though and we live in So Cal!).

        Tried the lobster rolls at Duryea's for lunch. Like the off the beaten path location on the water and the rolls were good, not great, but the place feels like it's going out of business. I noticed in the local paper later, it's actually for sale, so who knows what will happen there.

        Stopped at Gossman's for lunch on the deck. Lovely location but the food is just ok. The Montauk style chowder was all cabbage and broth and barely a clam to be seen. I think it's all about location there.

        After a late lunch we decided to just go to the Point Bar and Grille for a small dinner. That was our big mistake. The food was awful and the ambience was non-existent in an ugly bar with blasting crappy music even though no one was there and the beer was served in warm glasses.

        Our fishing guide recommended the Dock as the place locals love to go. That was also a very colorful place. Large sign on the door stating "the douchebags are now gone" Oops, these douchebags were still there despite the post-Labor day date. But we had a great waitress and had the best mussels and clams of the whole trip. Definitely a fun place to be. It's by the boats but not on the water.

        Never made it to Dave's... maybe next time. Overall, had some great seafood there but am still horrified by the prices. However, Montauk is a truly beautiful place and we enjoyed our trip.

        1. re: keena

          Love the Dock, the owner does have a wacky sense of humor but that's part of the ambience. Used to be just locals but the word is out! And rightly so, the food is great when it comes to pub grub.

          1. re: coll

            Yes! We actually met the owner. He was making the rounds and came over and chatted with us. Fun place and the great food is just another perk!

            1. re: keena

              My wife and I stumbled upon "the Coast" when we were there in July. Really nice place sushi was amazing. Food and service very nice. This is not on the water.

              1. re: luv2eatct

                Glad you mentioned it, I am trying to picture where it is...north of the circle obviously. We are going this weekend for the Fall Festival, will add to our list of possibilities.