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Pyrex Pie Plate

Quick Question....

If you use a Pyrex pie plate, do you place it on a cookie sheet prior to baking your pie,
or just on the oven rack?

I am looking for that elusive crispy bottom crust, and am Not GETTING IT !
I have lots of different pie plates of various types, but not satisfied yet.

Pyrex, it does scare me a little. But I might try one.

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  1. I wouldn't use a Pyres pie plate. I've used them for baking pies and I had one shatter when I pulled it out of the oven. Why take a chance?

    I found some slick steel pans last year for baking my once a year pies, and they worked fine. If you make a fruit pie, getting a crisp crust on the bottom is probably not doable. If you bake a pie that uses a prebaked pie crust, then crisp bottom crust is more doable. But the filling will keep the bottom crust damp, at least in my experience. Now, getting a non-doughy bottom crust is possible. But I think that has to do with your recipe.

    I'm not saying that no one has ever gotten a crisp bottom crust with a fruit pie, but I don't see how you would do this practically.

    I've said this before in this forum: if you are baking pies, just keep doing it, even if you aren't entirely happy with your results. A home baked pie is so rare, so wonderful, that I don't care what its shortcomings--it will be welcomed by anyone who eats it. Don't get hung up on some small detail about the pie. Just keep 'em coming for your loved ones. You are practicing a lost art.

    The best way to learn how to make pies, is to make them. Kudos to you for doing this.

    1. I've used my Pyrex pie plates for 30 to 40 years and wouldn't use anything else. I'm no expert on crusts, though, as I just buy the pre-made kind. I expect that getting the crust you want is influenced by the crust recipe and baking temperature, as well as pan material.

      By the way, the glass pie plate just goes on the rack. When it's done cooking, leave it in the oven with the door ajar to cool down gently before removing it from the oven.

      1. I have a Pyrex pie plate, and I place it on the rack.

        Turn up the heat if you want a more crispy bottom crust. Increase the temperature, but decrease the time.

        By the way, when you make your pie. Do you make your crust stand alone or do you bake everything together (crust and filling)

        1. I use Pyrex (and have for decades) -- I put it directly on the rack if I don't think it will run over -- if I think it will run over, I put it on a cookie sheet.

          I've yet to find anything that makes better pie crusts -- and it's nice that you can just look to see if it's done or not.

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            Sunshine842 said exactly what I was going to say, minus the decades part. I've only had my Pyrex pie pans for about 6 years. They were a wedding gift from my Mil, who wins prizes at fairs for her quilts and pies.

          2. I would suspect your recipe and/or baking temperature. I use a Pyrex pan and get very browned crisp crusts.

            I highly recommend Kenji Alt's easy pie crust recipe on Serious Eats.

            1. Thank you so much everyone who took the time to answer ! :-)
              It's great to hear your stories !

              Although a bit scared from the stories I have heard,
              I am naturally not a cautious individual, being more inclined
              to throw myself at something and see what happens.

              I would, however, venture to say I am probably more a "Lazy" individual,
              I just don't want that exploding pie plate to make a mess that
              I will be forced to clean up...... that's NOT how I planned to spend my Saturday.

              So anyway, I went ahead and picked up the pyrex at HEB while buying the Vanilla
              ice cream to put on the peach pie I planned to make.....

              BTW, You are right, Sueatmo,
              my Sons, who are home from college for the 3 day weekend,
              voted for pie when I gave them their choice of desserts that Mumsy would make them :-)
              I made it a goal to bake a PIE almost every weekend last Fall and Winter "until I got it right".
              So I have made a bit of headway, I guess, because over the summer I have made some
              "Killer" fruit shortcakes, cookies and Bundt cakes, etc.. and they still picked Pie !!!!

              Well, suffice to say, everything that could possibly have gone wrong with this pie, did.
              Somehow the Vodka pie crust failed me, being horribly "fall-apart"....
              The crust is therefore pieced together like a Frankenstein, and then while baking
              it got pretty dark and I had to put some foil (I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had to do that !!!!)

              The peaches are juicy though, and the juice bubbled up nicely through the many holes
              in the sugared top crust.
              It's not a pie to show off, but I hope it tastes good !!!

              Yep, I almost never bake anything other than a 2 crust pie.
              I did put it on the rack, thank you for the advice.
              Yep, I guess it is the nature of the beast for a 2-crust fruit pie to get a
              bottom crust that is a bit non-crispy.
              In my memory, my Mom baked the most perfect pies, and I am trying to measure up.
              I think I am comparing myself too ruthlessly to what I remember from my childhood....

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                How odd. I've never used the vodka pie crust recipe, I use my moms pie crust recipe with vinegar. Since you are having texture issues with the crust I'd suspect a technique issue or possibly ingredient problems. What fat are you using and what kind of flour? If the crust dough is falling apart and having to be pieced together you either have not enough moisture or you are using too much flour when rolling it out.

              2. Final :
                Well, the pie tasted amazing and I have to say,
                although the pie dough gave me fits, and the crust
                around the rim got a bit too dark for my liking,
                the bottom crust was crispy !!!!
                It probably won't be today, after sitting in peach juice
                overnite, but the peaches were delicious and I did get a
                few comments that the crust was flaky and good.
                So there I have it.
                I will be using the Pyrex again.

                But I will be back on here in a flash if it explodes !!!!!

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                  Good to hear that it is working out for you.

                  1. re: oooYUM

                    Try wrapping the rim crust with thin strips of alum foil when it reaches the color you like, it won't get darker.

                  2. The only time I ever cook a pie on a baking rack is if I'm worried it's going to bubble over. So that is usually just berry pies. I'd say I bake them on the oven rack directly 90% of the time. I've never had problem with the bottom crust. I've used pyrex pie pans for 30 years. Not the only type of pie pan I use though.

                    1. Here is a photo of my pie crust this morning, taken from above.
                      I have to say, the bottom crust
                      was still very flaky, as you can see (maybe)
                      and the pie tastes even better this morning :-)

                      Before I begin, feel free to skip this next part.... where I discuss my crazy pie crust.
                      And just know, Mom didn't teach me this way !
                      We used the recipe on the Crisco container !!!!
                      And rolled it out between 2 sheets of waxed paper !!!

                      I love the Vodka pie crust recipe, but don't get consistent results with it somehow....
                      But I can rise above it !

                      Yesterday, my mistake was that I left the unsalted butter out far too long.
                      I should have just pulled different butter from the freezer, but I didn't (Lazy).
                      Then I used half Crisco and half Lard for the remaining half cup of shortening...
                      The house was hot because I live in Texas and I was baking in the afternoon....
                      So I had an ooey-gooey mess in my FP. once the shortening was pulsed *(mushed) together with the dry ingredients.

                      I didn't add the Vodka-Water because the flour-shortening mixture looked like wet cookie dough by now.
                      So I scooped it out of the FP and threw it in a bowl and put it in the freezer
                      to chill out while I prepared the peaches.
                      So then, when I took the "pie crust dough" out of the freezer, it was as hard and solid as a rock.
                      But I needed to roll it out !!!!

                      So I crumbled it up on my kitchen counter and started working it.
                      Then I needed to add more flour to it.
                      When I got it "workable" again I added some of the Vodka Water to make it rollable.
                      Wow, what a mess. It rolled out nicely but I couldn't get it off the counter in one nice piece.
                      This is the most beat-up pie dough I have EVER made, and it is still excellent,
                      lite and crispy....The only thing I would suggest if this happened again, would be to add a wee pinch of salt, because for me, all that extra flour just made it taste a bit more bland than I like.

                      I have a lot of pie pans, including Emile Henry, Good Cook brand, Fat Daddio, plain aluminum tin ones, etc.... I actually think this is one of my best crusts, with the Pyrex...
                      I will have to see how it bakes up when I get the pie crust right :-)

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                      1. re: oooYUM

                        Again, thanks for all the advice and comments !
                        It's nice to have this community to bounce ideas off of !!!!

                        Oh and the Vanilla Ice Cream that was served with the pie?
                        Topped it off with some homemade Raspberry sauce !!! oooYUM !!!!!

                        1. re: oooYUM

                          The pie crust recipe I referred to above is by the guy that created the vodka crust for CI. I never loved the vodka recipe, but his new version is practically foolproof:


                        2. I put a parchment-lined thick sheet pan into the oven as it preheats to 375, and place the pyrex pan onto it to bake. This is what is recommended by Cook's Illustrated in order to get a well-baked bottom crust, and is a work-saver if the filling bubbles over or if the pyrex fails (this is a rare occurrence but since it's both messy and dangerous, best to be prepared). If the bottom isn't browning enough for you, lower the oven rack.