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Sep 1, 2012 06:34 AM

Near Great America...

where do you eat? We went to Wholly Frijoles alot but we want a change. We are looking for another place near there to get some eats after the park. We want maybe something ethnic, not fancy obviously, since we go after a day at the park.

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  1. I haven't found anything in Gurnee that I like, so I go to . . .

    The Shanty in Wadsworth

    Tacos el Norte, Ming Toy, or Big Ed's in Waukegan

    Thai Gourmet in Libertyville

    Silo in Lake Bluff

    1. Capt. Porky's also in Wadsworth, right next to the Shanty, where you can get good versions of everything from deep-fried shrimp/fish to lobster rolls to bbq brisket:

      38995 U.S. 41
      Wadsworth, IL 60083
      (847) 360-7460‎

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        Thanks. Hiyashi was recommended to me and we tried it. Meh. On another post, I was a rec for "Just like Italy". Has anyone tried it?